School 101

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( A couple months later)

Clarke's POV:

When I first started School here, I was going in completely blank and it terrified me but now...but now I've got friends, got a boyfriend, I got my life back.

The organization has been built and its finished, wow I know that didn't take long but it's what happens when the President makes it the no.1  priority in America. Basically, it's not far from me and I'm still living with Bell and O. Most nights consist of takeout and tv show marathons...and school.

Let's say it was a little hard to explain why I had been MIA for a few months but I still have to fake my last name for protection. But everyone's been stressed to hell about colleges and Bellamy's been taking extra shifts at his work aswell as all my friends but what they don't know is that I'm paying for their college tuition ( Another bonus of working for ARKOrg) I just need to break the news.

We sit at our usual dinner table and everyone's laughing at Jasper being able to balance a spoon on his head.

" Hey guys??" I ask breaking up the laughter

" Yeah??" Bellamy asks, putting a hand on my knee under the table, which I have to admit made me feel something I should not be feeling in school.

Okay yes he turned me on. Like really on.

" You know how you guys have been struggling to pay for your colleges." A smile creeps on my face

" You didn't.." Raven says in a whisper-shout

" I did, well the organiz-" I'm cut off by a bear hug from Raven and O, I hug them back laughing.

" Is it just for the year or??" Murphy asks and I just laugh because only Murphy could ask that

" The whole ride." I reply," Look you guys deserve it, every damn dollar of that. I wouldn't be here without yous and it's just-" I'm cut off by Bellamy pressing his lips onto mine and I smile into the kiss.

" I'm gonna pay you back every single penny." he whispers

" Well why, because I was thinking since I'm not going to college, I could come move in with you. Only if you want to though, I don't-"

I'm stopped by Bellamy pressing his lips against mine, I take that is a yes.

" Is that a yes?" I say grinning

" Maybe." He whispers into my ear

" You guys are gross." Murphy calls from the opposite end of the table

" You should be thanking me, I'm the one who got Emori enrolled in this school." I reply smiling.

" Fine. Thank you for that." He says looking at her- he loves her, it's so obvious.

It's the same way I look at Bellamy, God I love him, I really love him.

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