Almost Over

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Clarke's POV:

The ten of them circle me, waiting for me to make a move, so I do. But I'm slow due to my leg. Grabbing one of them, I drag them into the middle with me but as soon as I take my first punch the remaining others are on top of me, pinning me to the ground.

I get a punch to the face, then another, and another, a few times more and I can feel blood oozing from my nose and mouth, it's dropping onto my white hospital gown Ali forced upon me. Loosing my breath, I struggle to breathe and suddenly i'm Finding myself gasping for air; I try to tilt my head sidewards but a hand is placed onto my chin forcing me to look at a guard- however my vision isn't the best.

Many legs kick my stomach, causing me to yell out in pain.

Feeling a throbbing pain around the crown of my head, I reach for it but I barely remember touching it as darkness consumes me.

Bellamy's POV:

We need to get Raven out of here as fast as possible

" Bellamy hurry up!" O says bringing me back to reality as I undo her handcuffs.

Briefly, I steal a glance over in Clarke's direction. Catching a glimpse of her blonde hair spread out across the floor. They're beating the shit out of her.

It boils my blood; I should be over there

" Don't even think about it." She answers as I just finish getting her free," Clarke would kill you if you went over." She finishes, kneeling beside Lincoln to un-tie him.

I move onto Lexa, un-tying her much quicker.

" Yeah well...I never listened to her anyways.." I reply quickly before running off to help Clarke after finishing Lexa's hands.

Rugby tackling one of the guards, I wrestle him onto the floor and manage to take a Gun from his pocket- unnoticed. More hands grab my shoulders prying me off him; I'm thrown across the room like a leaf in the wind and my head smacks against the stone floor, the gun leaving me behind: weaponless. Just realizing who I'm next to, I turn over and see an unconscious Clarke. Immediately, I stand in front of her, blocking their sight. Slowly, they all being to square-up to me; so I prepare for a hurtful fight.....I feel a hand on my shoulder....Lexa.

I presume that means she's gonna fight with me.

One by one the others slowly join me, protecting Clarke together.

You know, if this was a potential life or death situation it would have been quite a cliché moment.

A second flies by and everyone is now fighting with someone.

Of course the one I get is the biggest...

He bulky, and strong. He forces me to the ground, his hands glued to my neck.

It reminds me of in the apartment with Roan.

The gun is inches away from my finger tips, using all of my strength I try to reach for it but I have no luck and the air gets thinner in my lungs. Using what strength I have left, I shove him off me buying me a few seconds and I jump onto the isolated gun on the ground, reuniting it with my hand.

Quickly, shoving it into my hands, I aim it at the man before me who reaches for his gun- it's not there.

" Missing something??" I ask smiling

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