2 years

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Clarke's POV:

After my first week here I started keeping a count but I eventually gave up. I just can't believe it's been two years. 2 years without  Bellamy, Octavia.....two years of being a prisoner. As for the tests; I've lost count, they never hurt anymore because I've lost any kind of emotional connection I had with the world.

Remember those people stuck on the Titanic?? Yeah, well I feel like them right now. Trapped on a ship- only difference is that this one is unsinkable. I had hoped Bellamy might have came for me but who was I kidding?? He doesn't care. He just felt sorry for it.

They moved me into a cell, 2 years- wow I'm still getting used to saying that. I knew that I would never get a happy ending- I hope he got his.

Yes. In an unrealistic world I would have been Bellamy's happy ending- now you may think I'm going ahead of myself considering nothing happened but what's the point in denying it? Of course I liked him, really liked him....

After all this time Pike was right, I'm not Wanheda. I haven't been for a long time nor seen anyone in a long time bar Lexa which is suicide watch.

" Eat up." Speak of the devil, she says, sliding my tray through the cell wall and walks away and the other side of the glass.

"I'm going crazy." I say to myself," If I could get out again. But there's no air vents this time, it's got bullet proof glass... it's Clarke proof. "

Sitting, on the hard surfaced bed, I stare and the wall silently for who knows how long until the door clicks open and a body walks through, I don't bother looking as I already know who.

" Hello Mother. I say with emotionless

" Clarke.. test 41 is ready. Your doing well, you weren't expected to get.." I cut her off

" I don't care. I don't care anymore, I'm not Clarke, she died the second I was kidnapped from Charlottes. I'm not Wanheda, she died the second I stepped into New York"

I'm done with little games now. From the bottom of my cold, selfish heart- I couldn't not give one flying fuck about what happens next. I've already tried suicide, but these people are too obsessed with me to let that happen.

This is my life.

" Your special. You are the living proof that this will work." She says

you trying to convince yourself??

" You convincing yourself there...or is that for me??" I ask wittily

" Both." She answers honestly," Not like you'd care Clarke." She says.

" Well I wonder who's fault that is then. YOUR the one who ripped me from my home Abby." I know that last part should sting, depends on if Ali's letting her feel or not.

" What?? You mean your distraction?" She mocks

" No I mean my family." I say sternly

" I'm your Family Clarke remember that." She says almost proudly

" Everyone's replaceable." I reply

" I'm the reason your not dead." She argues-

calm down there, your starting to show that you might actually care.

" No. I'm not dead because I'm Wanheda and they're running tests. Your just there bait. Your nothing. Your nothing to me. Your dead to me." I say emotionless

" Right," she coughs and rubbing her watery eyes," That's enough out of you." She replies before taking a needle and fixing it into my arm.

Another sedation. Here an idea- just kill me. For fucks sake.

Bellamys POV:

" 3 MONTHS!!" I tell to my friends as we sit in our apartment in New Orleans," WE'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR CLARKE FOR THREE MONTHS AND FOUND NOTHING. Surely, the place isn't invisible!!" I yell slamming my fist onto the table

" Bellamy maybe we should just go back, summer is nearly over it's senior year in September." Lincoln says

" No. we don't give up. We are going home with her." I protest.

" Bell....we'll find her." O reassures me

" What if it is invisible??" Raven suggests

" Because that makes sense." I say sarcastically. I 'm so tied I haven't slept in days.

" Think about it Bellamy!! Clarke disappeared into hiding- why can't the building or something." She argues it I cut her off

" Well why don't you go get the good witch from Wizard of Oz to help us then" I snap

" Chill bro." Jasper says. Not helping at all.

"No. I'm Saying...what if it's in a false location..we're expecting it to be some big falicity but what if we can't see it and it's right under our noses." She hints keeping calm but frustrated at the same time

" Underground." Monte clarifies

" It's possible but where would we get in." Octavia replies

" it would normally be some small business."

" Like a shop or cafe." Monte continue

" Right we're are checking every single cafe in New Orleans until we find it." I order.

" Bellamy get some sleep first- we all should." Raven suggests

" Raven it's 12 in the afternoon" I don't care want time it is.

" Yes but how long have you went without sleep, if your walking around New Orleans half asleep you'll probably miss some places out." Why is Raven always right?

" Fine. Wake me up in an hour. I mean it okay." I say then leave to one of the bedrooms.

Flopping down on the bed, I genuinely fall into a deep, time-consuming sleep.


So sorry for the long wait guys but I've been working on a new book- but no spoilers.


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