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Bellamy's POV:

Blinking twice before I open my eyes I find myself in Octavia's bedroom with a sleeping blonde next to me...and an annoying sister over my shoulder.

" Get up." She says harshly
" Damn did someone eat your cornflakes O??" I ask sarcastically
" No." She says obviously to tired to argue back.

Clarke then begins to stir but suddenly she's not in the bed anymore, but in the toilet puking up last nights alcohol. I run to her side and hold her hair back for her while O grabs some clothes out of her wardrobe. After about 5 minutes she's finished puking, and the two of us are sitting on the bed waiting to get screamed at by my younger sister- sometimes she's more the mam of the family.

" Are you...out of your minds?" She loudly- presumably the everyone else is already up but if their not they will be after O's finished with us.
" Yes." Clarke says simply with a bucket on her knee.
" Octavia we stuck to the plan." I begin to say but Clarke gives me a look as if to say : really?? Not helping- but Octavia interrupts before I can take it back.
" Stuck to the plan" she mumbles her voice getting louder with each word," STUCK TO THE PLAN." Clarke and I bow our head in defeat and give quick glances at each other smirking slightly.

" What was your plan to get WASTED on a Monday night and at 1 IN THE MORNING!" She shouts," I've had 4 hours sleep because I had to come and pick you's up from the mall at 1:30 . WE HAVE SCHOOL!!"
" No shit." I whisper and Clarke glares at me before spewing into the bucket- she looks terrible.
" Your not helping." Clarke states in between puking.

" Ok, it's 6:30 I expect the two of you downstairs by 7- Clarke pick something out of my wardrobe." She orders
" She's not going to school, look at her." I state
" Geez thanks." Clarke mutters,lifting her pale head from the bucket.
" Clarke you have to." O says
" I know I know, I'll be fine just need to get a shower and stuff."

Well we won't be at school till 11 then.. I told her I don't get hangovers but she won't listen- she probably doesn't even remember.


Clarke's POV:

After the whole alcohol incident I had a stupid hangover but survived school fine and.... LIKE HOW DOES BELLAMY NOT GET THEM, SERIOUSLY??

I meet Octavia and Bellamy downstairs since the others are staying at their own houses now so it's just the three of us and Murphy was able to delete my record of ever living in that apartment thanks to his work in the police. So now I'm living with the Blakes full time. For the first time in days I feel a LOT better especially after the whole apartment  incident as well and I'm no longer painted black and blue. Thank god.

Octavia and I both decided on some me causal to wear:

After rushing my hair and makeup( natural and a messy ponytail) I meet the Blakes downstairs for breakfast

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After rushing my hair and makeup( natural and a messy ponytail) I meet the Blakes downstairs for breakfast.

Our plan is to get through today and then at the weekend we begin our real work, starting with getting Raven back to normal- permantly.

At School.....

I actually really like Fridays because I have Art last lesson so it's a kinda nice end to the day....but I also have Math great.

It's just Bellamy and I in the same maths lesson so we just walk together mostly so he doesn't be late to anymore classes and I think he wants to keep an eye on me after the Finn thing where I basically left him in the middle of the mall by himself to go get wasted but I don't think he knows that.

"So how you doing with this whole thing then? I can't believe it's only been a week since we found out." He says quietly as we walk down the hall together.
"Ok,I guess, I've been dealing with it for ages but I just need to wait for the right time. If something goes wrong when it happens..." My voice trailed off and he already knows what I'd say.
" So how good are you at Algebra??" He asks changing the topic, he really gets me.
" Well it's still more complicated than my life." I joke and I win a smile off him.

" Did you just smile??" I say hitting him arm gently and laughing.
His voice drops and he sees a raging Finn coming towards us.
" Shit, Bellamy what do I do??" I ask hurriedly but before he answers Finn has stormed he way to us.

" This guy Clarke really??" He talks angry but I feel guilty
" Finn. I'm not interested."
" Yes Clarke I get that ok. But you went out with me, left me in the middle of the mall to go to a bar with this guy?? That's low Clarke, really low."
" Finn...I'm sorry I didn't plan the night to go like that."
" Save it Clarke, I never want to see you again."
" Finn! Bellamy was my ride home, I didn't know he was in the bar. I'm sorry ok." I shout, people start looking at us in the hall and Bellamy puts an arm around my shoulder.
" I thought you were different. I thought you were different to them, to everyone... Don't talk to me." He spits the walks away.

Turning to Bellamy I look at him in confusion,my eyes tearing up a little before Bellamy touches my cheek with his thumbs, wiping them away.
" What was that??" I ask quietly, wiping the last tear
" I have no idea." He asks bewildered
" Bellamy...I feel horrible."
" Princess that's not Finn."
" Maybe it was Bellamy, it was cruel what I did. I went out with one guy returned with another mortal. God I'm such an idiot. I've treat him like shit and it's not even his fault."

He hugs me, calming my nerves and we walk to Math class together.

I can't believe it, I expected him to shout at me but instead he just talked- I feel really bad. Wait Clarke what are you thinking?? It's gotta be Ali she IS controlling his mind. I shouldn't have done it though. It was still wrong.

" Princess, it's not your fault. It wasn't even a real date look I know you like him but don't do anything until everything's over I don't want you getting hurt." It's as if Bellamy can read my mind.
" I wouldn't dream of doing anything stupid." I say smiling.

We go inside the class, on time- thank God- and take our seats next to each other.
" This will be the most normalist thing all day." I sigh
" Ok, looks like they didn't teach you how to speak English back in Orlando." I hit him jokingly.
" Geez Bellamy, don't distract me." I say smirking at my comment but he stays quiet after that. I wish he didn't.

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