This will Hurt

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(AN: ignore the length it's not as long as it looks it just because I wrote my opinions on the new episode so don't think: Ughh it's too long. XX)

Clarke's POV:

Bellamy goes to grabs my hand for comfort but we both know a hand hold won't take it away plus, he can't, he has to keep my shoulders down. Giving Monte the go signal, I relax my muscles and see Bellamy's face hanging above me. I close my eyes and wait.

You know, maybe I'm tougher than I think. Maybe I won't feel a piping hot knife toasting my pale leg. And maybe...ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

I scream out in pain, yelling at the top of my lunges- pretty sure California heard me- no matter how loud I yell or shriek I can still hear the sizzling of my tender skin turn to burned toast- the smell is unbearable. My eyes are popping out of my skull, my body soaked in sweat and the loss of feeling in my leg sums up my day.

Without control, my body forces itself upwards but firm hands grip my shoulders dragging me back down. Struggling, I attempt to move my arms and legs but again.... they are also uncontrolled by me. Voices find my ears but my brain loses the message and my eyes seemed to miss the memo; my vision starts to blur. My eyes fight to stay closed but I win the urge to keep them open my eyes glare into Bellamy's eyes as he holds me firmly down, reframing me from hurting myself. Eventually, The blade is removed but I'm kept in my secure holding place I begin to take deep breaths.

" You ok Princess?" Bellamy eyes fix onto mine I force a quick smile but then it all begins to hurt again, his voice almost soothes the pain of it all.
" Clarke are you sure about this? This could kill you if you go into shock." Monte points out
" Yes, Monte keep going. It's not that bad." I earn a snigger from Jasper who's only sobered up a little but atleast he's in full control of himself; unlike me.


The next two times after were more painful than the last. I'm barely conscious, but I am. I admit this has gotta be one of the things at the top of the list of  how much pain I can take.

" Just stitches now Clarke." Monte says softly. I sigh with relief

I blink twice, attempting to remove the sweat and tears from my eyes,
" Can I sit up now?" I ask worn out. He lets me up and Bellamy helps me regain my position on the floor placing my back against the sofa.

I would of sat on the sofa but I need to rest my leg as much as possible so it's safer to stay down here.

He digs the needle into my leg and begins sowing as if his life depends on it when really my life does. But I trust him.

" Tough Princess." Bellamy speaks out trying to lighten the mood.

As I begin to reply my voice is cut off my the door blasting open and three voices appear into the now rowdy room.
And Murphy

Each of them stumble through the front door. Falling onto each other as they all enter the room one by one, like a pack of dominos.
" Whoa. Whoa. Have I had to much to drink or is Clarke missing her legs!" Murphy drunkly shouts
" No you Idiot," Raven hits him on the arm," She's missing one leg!" She dramatically points ( probably because of the alcohol) to my legs.
" Ok. Let's get you guys sobered up." Lincoln says rationally and I mouth a thank you as he takes them by the neck and leads them into the kitchen- in the room behind us.

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