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Bellamys POV:

" We're gonna need yous to speak, especially you Clarke." Abby says to the two of us just as we're behind the courtroom doors.

" Abby can you give us a minute please?" I ask her and she nods, walking through the court doors and leaving us alone as our friends take their seats at the back of the room.

" Are you ok?" I ask her as soon as the door shuts closed," We can get out of here right now, just leave." I reassure her

" Yeh, it's just- its a shock really. I'm completely ready for this to be over. Everything they done to was hard." She begins but I stop her before she completely pours herself out, I hate seeing her like this.

" Come on. We'll do this together." I say gently, squeezing her hand and we walk through the doors and take a seat in the front row,on the left side.

The courtroom was a very large space. Benches in lines and separated by a walkway down the middle, clearly showing the sides of each defendant. Our side, was full with members of Arkorg and my friends. However, Pikes side of the room was completely empty. Nobody was there for him; I wish felt sorry for him. But I couldn't give a shit.


" Clarke Griffin to the stand please." The judge announces; I give Clarke's hand a quick squeeze before she lets go and makes her way to the stand.

Clarke's POV:

" Repeat after me." SinClaire states also known as the lawyer in this case

And I repeat to basically only talk the complete truth.

But this case, isn't like any usual case: it's adjusted and not worked through by the law but by the Government we kinda get to bend the rules a little.

" Clarke firstly, can you identify what Pike and Ali did to you- remember only complete fact." Sinclair states

" It started when he murdered my father, and Wells- they were collateral damage just so he could move up and become Chancellor. I must have been around 14 at the time i'm not 100% but before you ask how I heard I'm gonna tell you. I was a kid, growing up in an advanced, facility where I was trained to be an agent: I was snooping around pretending I was on a real mission; I overheard them talking." I finish looking at Bellamy for confidence: he nods at me in comfort.

" Thankyou, you said that was how it started: can you develop into recent activity specifically to when they locked you up."

" They tested on me-"

" Who's they?"

" Pike and Ali as well as everyone they chipped but as you already know the victims had no control over that."

" And what did they do to you."

" In the end I was left infinitely an utterly alone. They picked me apart piece by piece, literally in my own head; your mind is the devil inside and when your not in control, that's when it comes out to play. I was forced to stand alone against the demons they forced inside me and I was paralyzed. I was made to believe that time had passed as in years, they implanted scenarios into my head about the people I care about: dying. They tortured in ways I wouldn't wish on the devil himself.-"

" Okay Clarke, thank you"

I take a deep breath, I must've been clutching the table in front; my hands are hurting. Instead of speaking anymore I just walk back to my seat and sit next to Bellamy.


" Pike I hereby declare that your guilty-"


" you will be sent to Washington DC and held at Mt. Weather mental institution. And you will live the rest of your days there."

Pike kicks and shouts, even when he knows he won't get loose- he's finally getting what he deserved.

And now I'll be able to sleep at night.

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