Brutal Connection

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" Now I start." I say smugly.

On all the jobs I've been sent on it usually ends up with the other persons death-at my hands, blood I. My hands. It's never normally a quick, sudden death but it will drag out. I admit it's a way to get out all the anger but it's worse than watching The Walking dead, for starters it's people not zombies; secondly, there's no team, there is t 12 people all working together-it's just me. Honestly, I have tortured people, too many to count and Bellamy is just one more on that list...

I have to keep telling myself to say that I have to do it to stay alive. If A.R.K.Org found me, if they knew my friends they'd kill them and take me as prisoner. I've never liked killing and torturing people I mean who would?? But the point is that I have to, to stay alive. I have to find out who sent Bellamy....and then kill him. There's just so many questions, why is he involved? Or, Has he worked for A.R.K.Org all along?.....         Truth is that Bellamy can be completely innocent to any of this and I just look like a psychopath. My gut tells me that I shouldn't hurt him because he hasn't got any part in this but I can't and won't take any chances. He's a liability and I don't rely on anything, hope isn't a plan it's nothing but a fantasy you wish to come.

His eyes scream terror and confusion as I dab the end of the scalpel knife on the left side of his chest, near his shoulder and push it in towards his skin making him wince. He's Tough, like Octavia. I reject the sharp object and wipe the dabs of blood from the knife onto his face. His eyes still full with confusion. I will break him, I NEED to know who sent him. I prod around with the scalpel,multiple times in his chest allowing blood to flow from it like a waterfall, after 5 times I stop and look at him, seeing the hurt covering the newly seen hate.
" Let's take a look at your hand now." I remove the glove and pick up his hand, showing him it. Hiding any sympathy I have and putting my head first and not my heart.
" What the hell." He exclaims, His hand turned a light blue-purplish colour, I poke his hand.
" Can you feel that?.... Obviously not. You see if I put this glove back on your hand it will continue to decompose and eventually it will have to be amputated so what do you wanna do? You wanna tell me everything you know or shall we keep playing?"
" I don't understand." He mutters," I never did anything to you Clarke. Why?" He looks up at me. Tuff person to break. I hate doing this but I need to, for my own good, he could expose me. He's not even my friend. Just a person who was sent to spy on me.
I grab his face and look into his eyes, searching for something that I don't know how to find.

" Clarke, look at me. CLARKE." He yells.
" I never said you could talk." I punch him in the stomach forcing him to gasp for air.
" In a few hours your hand will be dry of blood, you have until then to tell me." I fling myself back in a chair after placing the glove back on his hand and I just wait. I don't know how to get the answers from him, he's really good at interrogation. I sit there staring at him while he wondrously looks around the room.

2 Hours later.....

" You were never gonna ring Octavia were you. Your whole plan was to get me here and kill me for some unknown reason. What are you? A murderer?  Or just plain Crazy?" He spoke every single word like he meant it and yet he's just like me trying to complete his job. Just ignore him and wait for an answer to come out. Remember Clarke- he's trying to kill you. IGNORE HIM
" Do you move around a lot? Do you have to so nobody finds you out. Because you go around killing innocent victims like me and accuse them of things that they've never even heard of."  Just ignore... IGNORE HIM.
" Is it because your jealous of not having a family- a mom or dad a brother or sister." I can't take anymore.
" No! It's because I know you were sent by ARKOrg to come and kill me!! AND I NEED TO FIND OUT WHO SENT YOU, YOU KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE IN THERE, I CANT GO BACK!!" I yell
" What is it like in there?" His voice is soft but Is he being serious? He grew up there like me. Is he trying to make me feel sorry for him, wait that's exactly what he's doing.
" You know what it's like in there. After all your here to kill me, and how did that work out for you. By the way you don't have long left"

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