Shock to my system

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Bellamys POV:

" Hope it was worth dying for her." She says as she turns to look at me full with fear.

I look at her with confusion-

what did they do to her??

Where's all of her spirit?

Where's the Raven I knew??

Has she given up completely, I haven't. Not yet. I won't....hang on, why isn't Octavia here.

Moments later, the door ahead of us opens and there stands Pike. But he's got guards with him who are holding people.

He then takes off one of the bags, a woman is shown but I don't recognize her.
Then the second one is removed and I see Octavia, I sigh with relief but her eyes show confusion.
Then the third mask is ripped off.

My heart stops. My whole world stops. Blonde hair falls from her face, she's drained but beautiful. She's weak but never looked so strong to me. She's so broken and fragile and yet she fixes me with one look.

Clarke. She's alive.

Even though, the situation we're in is far from a good one I can't help but smile at her....I don't blame her but she doesn't smile back. She looks terrified but she looks straight at me.

" PRESENTING WANHEDA!! The almighty." Pike presents sarcastically as tears drop from her face- immediately I try to get to her but I forget I'm handcuffed.

" Yes, you can definitely see it in his eyes..," Pike says talking to himself," That's love right there..Put them two with the rest of them" he motions to Octavia and that other Girl

That must be Lexa.

Clarke's POV:

I stay still, I don't want him to do anything to them. But I really can't see me leaving without someone getting hurt.

Octavia and Lexa are strapped to chairs as well along with the rest of my friends, there were a few gasps when I was shown to them but I only looked at Bellamy.

I felt 10stone lighter after I saw him, alive and breathing but I can't stop thinking about that gunshot. Something tells me there's gonna be more though.

And then in walks Ali on crutches, she gives me a dirty look then stands beside Pike.

" So took long enough to find your friends." Pike starts

" Why can't you just kill me and be done with it, are you that mentally ill that you need people watching." I say confidently despite my hands in handcuffs in front of me.

" I want her to pay." Ali mumbles loud enough for me to hear," Kill them. All of them."

" Do that, and you'll never get rid of me. Even if I die today, I'll come back and haunt you when I'm dead, when you die I'll haunt your children and when they can sleep at night they'll be told that it was because their slut of an ancestor was a cruel bitch." I finish keeping my head held high.

She storms right up to me but Pike holds her back, I smile wickedly

" Be smart Ali, you've got one leg. I need you alive."

" She needs to pay, the way I did. Shoot her leg!" She orders him

Pike declines and instead gives her the gun," Even better." She smiles.

Slowly, walking up to me she takes the gun- I stand tall still, and she shoots my leg. Loosing my balance, I fall backwards but it doesn't hurt.

Finding the strength, I stand back up, everyone's eyes on me- including Bellamys- and limp.

" You see Ali, you've put me through so much pain, it doesn't hurt as much as it should. Don't get me wrong with fucking kills but not as much as it should so thank you." I smile

She laughs then slaps me across the face, using the gun- I fall to the floor again. She repeatedly beats me up, punching and punching me. All I see is a river of blood pouring from my body. My eyes lock with Bellamys for a second but I'm hauled up my Pike- Ali goes and sits on a chair, far back- clearly enjoying herself TOO much.

He drags me onto my feet by my hair then drops me again.

" That Gunshot you heard?? It was a blank. We thought it would be better for you to watch your friends bleed to death because of you." He says proudly

"You'd regret it."I say not giving in yet,blood pouring from every open wound in my body.

" I think she needs some encouragement!"Ali shouts from her seat

Pike laughs at me, on the floor then walks around to the back of their seats.

If he was going to shoot one of them from behind the chairs, they wouldn't know if it was them until after the gun shot. My hands start to tremble because I have a really bad feeling.especially about Bellamy.

He holds the gun to Bellamys head. He must feel it because I see tears fall down his cheeks as he looks at me, his eyes telling a thousand words- and I understand completely.

" You don't need to do this Pike." I say shakily

" I think I do" she sets the gun

" PLEASE!!" I shout," I'LL COME BACK AND YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU WANT WITH ME. I WONT RUN OR HIDE OR FIGHT PLEASE JUST....just don't kill him please." I say now fully sobbing.

" Okay." He lowers the gun from his head and I do a massive sigh, closing my eyes Bellamy closes his eyes and sighs too.

Pike then quickly changes his mind and shoots the gun, all I hear is a slap of the body hitting the floor.

I jolt my eyes open and scream.

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