College Graduation (Final chapter)

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(Btw the video above is amazing LOADS OF CREDIT TO THR PERSIN WHO MADE IT- you got skills😉)

Clarke's POV:

Bellamy and I rented an apartment, not far from his college a few years back. It's nice and all but I really see a future with him and since I began working at ARK.Org part time I want to get ourselves a proper house. But, that will all come after his day.

College graduation, and I couldn't be more excited- I think I'm more excited than him to be honest. He started getting annoyed though when I was fussing over his hair but it just ended in a complete make-out session, which I don't take back.

We climb into our car, hand in hand, and I declared that I was driving because I didn't want him to get dirty.

" You did it." I say beaming as I put the car on the road

" Can we not just ditch the presentation thingy and just go home?" He smirks, placing a hand on my knee- which is bare due to the excessive heat so I'm wearing ripped shorts.

" You mean your graduation?" I say sarcastically," Nah, I'm gonna take loads of embarrassing pictures,"

" Make sure you get Octavia in them too." He jokes.

Shit, I forgot. Octavia isn't gonna be there because she's planning the party at our apartment-

" Earth to Clarke!" Bellamy laughs and a smile

" O, might be running a bit late Bell. She's err.." come on your a top trained spy and you can't lie to your boyfriend?

" Because she's planning a surprise party?" He raises an eyebrow and I drop my head i defeat

" knew." I say overly sad

" Of course I knew. Princess, you really think you can lie to me?" He smirks

" I lied to the Russian Federation, Slovakian Government, MI6, MI5.." I mutter

" And you can't lie to me? Wow your terrible at your job." He jokes

" Keep talking and you won't have a ride home." I also joke, pulling up.

" How long is this thing anyways?" He asks opening my door for me

" Well," A huge horn beeps and we can hear the loud bangs and music playing," I think it started 5 minutes ago, Go on hurry up." I say pushing him towards his place as we walk.

" Ok, I love you." He says kissing my forehead

" I love you too now go on hurry up, you'll be late." I push him and he runs off to his seat shouting back:

" Better late than ever!"


After I took loads of photos of Bellamy in his graduation stuff we eventually got away with Jasper and Monte in the back(who also graduated with Bellamy), the two of us sit in the front. Once, we reach our little apartment we find that all the lights are turned off- classic Octavia surprise party style.

Jasper and Monte jump out of the car, not knowing about the party. Bellamy also goes to get out but I stop him before he had the chance.

" Pretend to be surprised please, O put a lot of work into it." I beg with puppy eyes

" Whatever you want princess." He smiles.

Once we enter, it's all quiet: at first. Two seconds later, there's part popper going off and silly string exploding onto The graduates- I jump out the way just in time, allowing Bellamy to see his sister for pictures so I go into the kitchen for a drink.

It's quiet in there as all my friends are smothered in the sitting room, laughing at Jasper's horrendous karaoke, suddenly I feel a hand on my back. Calmly, I turn around already knowing it's Bellamy, he always puts a hand on the bottom of my back.

" That was quick." I say hopping on the bench, he walks in between my legs so I can put my arms around his neck, bringing him closer.

" Yeah, well I told Octavia to find Lincoln." He smirks- I can already smell the alcohol on him, working its way into his brain.

" Hmm, whys that?" I smirk

" Well, you see I have a Friend..." he slurs and I laugh

" Go on." I say trying to keep a straight face

" Well, this friend of mine, is a very special friend," he splutters out," and this special friend means a lot to me.."

" And who is this friend." I ask him, rhetorically

" You see, I can't remember." I hit his chest playfully and he laughs a little

" Can I help you remember?" I ask childishly

" You still got those handcuffs, in that suitcase of yours." He whispers into my ear

" I think I can find them." I reply, also whispering.

" Can I look at other stuff maybe.." he says and I roll my eyes

" You are so dirty-minded Blake." I laugh

" You love it though." He fires

" Yeah, and I love you too." I say meaningfully

" Thank God, I was worried that I might not have a chance because I wasn't apart of your special group." He says sarcastically

" Yeah whatever." I say quickly so I can kiss him.

So yeah, Life is pretty good for me. And Bellamy. And everyone. So yeah- wait do I need to tell you guys about how great my life is gonna be or-

Just let her go so I can have some sex please

BELLAMY! I'm trying to tell everyone how my story ended

Your not dying are you??????!?!??!

No....ok so ignore him- basically my life is really good and-


And it's probably going to get a lot better in the next five minutes.😉😉 if ya know what ah mean


Ew, Bellamy your gross no, I'm sure everyone knows what I'm on about.

Because the windy face surely gives it away....

You have to be smart to figure out that one Bell.

That's why I got you.

God I love him.

Hello??? Are you ignoring me now.

Okay so yes my life is great amd I'm gonna go , to do some stuff and yeah okay...

One more thing...


God I love him.

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