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Clarke's POV:

That night- or day, I'm not too sure- I feel into a dreamless sleep, god only knows for how long but I was awakened by something or someone unusual.

Screams. Girl screams fill the halls but that's not what scares me- it's the shrieking of a familiar girl scream: that voice belongs to Octavia and she seems to be yelling untranslatable words.

I don't open my eyes. And the screams stop abruptly. Am I dreaming?? Or did I just imagine it all. Well obviously you imagined it.

I shake the thought and doze off back to sleep.

Octavia's POV:

Screaming as loudly as I can, I try my best to fight off the few guards but they're too strong for me, they grab me by the arms and they're dragging me down the hall letting me scream to my hearts content.

They haul me into a darkened cell. The door locks rather loudly- it'd hard to see in here, they must have the lights turned off. Keeping my hands in front of me, I stand since I assume I'm in the room all alone and I try to find a wall of something.

I'm not sure what to do.

All of a sudden the lights come striking on, forcing my eyes shut for a brief second, then I hear it...I hear her voice..
the voice I haven't heard in a long time. 3 months now to be exact.

" What the fuck??" She says  scrunch up her face.

She's got her knees to her chest, keeping them close for warmth I presume. One hand is wrapped around her legs and the other is placed on her forehead, squinting through the light to see me.

Oh my god. Oh my god. I-i found her...not the way planned but still- hang on, what's wrong with her.

" Clarke..." I croak, my voice is dryer than I expected

She blinks a few times then stands up wobbling a bit.

" GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!" She screams at me, grabbing her hair and shaking her head violently.

What have they done to her??

" Clarke?? It's me." I say getting upset


I decide to rush over to her but she runs as far away as she can in the contained space we have in the cell.

Clarke's lost her mind. I thought she would have  been strong enough to stay stable.

" Clarke it's me, I swear...I don't know what twisted games they've been putting in your head but I'm real. I swear I'm real." I try to persuade her.

But what she does next, terrifies me.

She throws herself at me, too quick for me to move and next thing I know is that I'm pushed up against one of the four white walls, with her hand on a tightening grip around my neck.

" Ali, I know your in's not real." She says smiling wicked but I look into her eyes and all I see is fear and confusion of what's real and what's not.

" Ask me something...only something the real Octavia would know..." I whisper, struggling to breathe as my air thins

" Your not real, your not real. Your not real. Your not real." She says letting go of my neck and falling onto her knees.

I rush beside her, lending out a supportive arm but she slaps it away.

" Fine then I'll play your game. If your really Octavia..." she begins sarcastically," What did I ask you that made us become friends?" She asks sarcastically but i know her, she'll know that Ali wouldn't know that- it's a trick question.

I laugh a little before answering...

" It's a trick question. We never became friends from something you asked me. You twisted my arm on the first day of high school because you panicked, when I touched your left shoulder. You reacted and I went ' Hey' then you apologized and made some shitty excuse." I say seriously.

She doesn't respond until a little while later.

" Oh my god." She breathes


Ok so I haven't watched the episode that came out yesterday and I've seen a few spoilers but I'm just unsure on them but I hope it's not true- if you've seen the episode you may know what I'm talking about.....

So implies probably update again in a few hours or so and have my feedback on it as well xxx

Anyways enough with my rambling.....enjoy xoxo

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