School Crimes

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Clarke's POV:

I let Raven and the others in the school and it's deadly quiet, the faint patter of footsteps is all we can hear. The others burst through the main doors which I quickly close after they're in.
" Jasper can you and Raven hack the security cameras and shut them off for us??" I ask already knowing they can.
" We'll text you when they're down, don't move till then." Raven replies and then she and Jasper disappear to the main office, where I originally was to disable the cameras for 3 hours.
" We've got three hours till the alarm and cameras goes back on, is that enough time??" Bellamy asks to no one in particular.
" Yeah, it should be."
" Clarke I don't actually know what I'm meant to be doing." Monte says.

I haven't actually told him- shit. I'll do it now.

Slowly, taking the little container with alcohol in, I show Monte it briefly before slipping it back into my pocket.
"What was in it?" Monte asks, not meaning the alcohol
" When I was on my fake date, Finn ordered our drinks he went to the toilet and I switched them, taking a sample- Ali has managed to place a tracking device inside the drink which I was meant to take but I never took it." I say
" And you want me to separate the two right??"
" Yes, can you." I ask hopefully.
" Yeah. Probably." He replies
" Guys, I just got the go from Raven come on." Octavia says, then the four of us head to the science department.

" Your shaking princess." Bellamy whispers into my ear breaking me from my thoughts,
" I always do." I reassure him- LIEEEEE
" Do you know what your looking for in that bottle?"
" I'll know when I find it." I have no clue what I'm looking for.
" Round this corner." Octavia says

We reach the science lab and Monte get the stuff he needs and I give him the bottle.
" Are you sure you can do this Monte?" I ask once again
" Yes Clarke." I breathe heavily as Monte orders us to get things and he starts his little experiment.

Heating up the Bunsen burner, he places a tripod on top of it, then the container on the tripod.
" Can you make it go any faster?" Octavia asks nervously
" If I could I would." Monte says annoyed slightly

The liquid eventually begins to heat up leaving tiny metal specs at the bottle of the small
Container, after around 10minutes Monte turns off the Bunsen burner and let's the metal cool by itself, the liquid has evaporated.

" Guys we should tidy this up make sure it looks like it hasn't been touched at all." Octavia suggests
" Shouldn't be wait, we don't even know if Monte is finished yet?" Bellamy says, we all look at him.
" No I'm not but we'll need Jasper for the next part." He replies slowly
" I'll go get him." Octavia says jumping from her seat.

Before anyone can reply she's out the door presumably running down the hallway.

Octavia's POV:

As I'm running I begin to think to myself: I only offered because I hate tidying up plus if the mood gets any more serious in there I might die. I stop running when I reach a trophy cabinet but I don't bother looking inside- I already know what's there.

But my eyes focus on the sound of the schools main doors open. Footsteps. Shit. Shadows dance along the walls filled with lockers and I hide in a spare cupboard a few yards away. The cupboard has a window so I just duck. My heart is racing out of my chest, okay so yes I have done these things before but I've never been caught. This could go bad. OMG WHAT ABOUT THE OTHERS OCTAVIA!! They don't know?? And Raven? She doesn't know either crap. Ok just think, what would Clarke do.

Immediately, I take out my phone and ring Raven but talk quietly.

" Raven??" I whisper
" Octavia why are you whispering?" She says confused.
" There must a teachers meeting or something on because there's like 6 people who have just walked in the main doors, you need to get out now." I babble
" What?? Shit, what about the others are they finished wait why aren't you with them" she asks
" I'll explain later just get out." I plead
" Shit ok Octavia what do we do?" She asks me
" You and Jasper need to get out but make sure all the footage is gone from the security cameras- we can't have any trace that we were here at all." I state clearly
" Jaspers already on it." She says," I'll wait by Bellamy's car with Jasper, warn the others."
" Okay see you soon, be careful." I whisper and she ends the call.

Okay so Raven and Jasper are in the clear I just need to get the others out as fast as possible.

I go to ring Clarke but she won't answer so instead I call Bellamy.

" Bell??" I ask desperately into the phone
" Yeah ? O why isn't Jasper here yet?" He asks me
" About that, put yourself on speaker tell the others to listen.." I say
"...Ok we're all listening now can you please tell us."
" There's gotta be a teachers meeting on or something because about 6 or something teachers have just walked in the school and I don't know where they're going. Are you's nearly finished??"
" No, we're not." I hear Monte say over the phone
" You's need to get out now." I whisper but then I cut off the phone because I hear teachers stopping outside the cupboard.

Shit shit shit. Silently, I turn off my phone and hide underneath the window on the door, it's fairly high up so all I need to do it sit down. Closing my eyes, I wait for them to leave but they never do slowly I open them but I don't dare move. Shaking, I cover my mouth using one hand- who knows why??

Is anyone else dying because there isn't a new episode😞
But it's been confirmed that there's gonna be a season 5 so I'm so so happy💞

I am literally so pissed though, I was on Twitter(yes I'm that sad) and after Eliza announced there is a season 5 all of the negative comments just really annoyed me. I get that Clexa shippers are foaming that Lexa was killed, understandable, off but GET OVER IT. We know Clarke had feelings for Lexa, it was obvious and personally I didn't like Clexa but just because that was a thing didn't make me stop watching the show.

And Everyone is saying how to views are going down but think about it logically... the views are are only counted for people who watch it using the CW network on the exact time it's aired- What about the other people, like me, who watching it online the day after it next time people say they are going down just think about it first, y'know a bit of common sense😉

If you don't like the show anymore then WHY THE FUCK WOULD BE BOTHERED. If you don't like it, then why are you watching it?? Seriously some people man😂

Anyways rant over I just needed to say something before my head exploded.😂😂

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