One step ahead

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Clarke's POV:

What the hell. That shouldn't happen!! This was our one chance should have worked. Oh my god I can't believe it didn't. This...what can we do now.

In silence, I place the computer off my lap, onto the floor and stare at the wall for a few seconds, ignoring the awkward glances around me. Releasing my anger, I smash my fist over arm rest on the sofa- ignoring the slight pain it causes.
" Fuck." I say loudly, slamming my fist again.
" we'll think of something." O says," Why don't we go to the mall- clear your head and the boys can maybe plan a night in for all of us " she suggests

" Octavia, I'd love to have a night where we can watch Netflix and eat until we puke but you've got to understand, everyday Ali and Pike are in charge is another day of someone else getting hurt." I protest with watery eyes.
" Why does Ali and Pike even want to be incharge??" She asks

" Ugh," I sigh," Before the original founder was murdered there was talk of introducing new ways of recruiting and training techniques between council members- there was mixed opinions on it." I finish
" What new ways??" Raven asks
" They were looking to see how high of a pain threshold people can take, Ali and Pike wanted to push further, make people more restraint to pain but their techniques could kill the patient. My Mom had disagreed but that doesn't matter basically they wanted new techniques; they had ideas but they were pushing it too far." I say as clearly as possible
" So what your saying is, that Ali and Pike wanted to be in charge so they could make new rules on training techniques." Bellamy says rightly
" Yeah...they would be creating like someone who is, unknown to man, an army infact. An army of soldiers who felt nothing; Ali and Pike wanted to strip people's humanity so they would be better soldiers." I say
" And they would have to be in charge so they could reinforce that law??" Lincoln asks
" Yeah"

" So. Now do you see my point. At this second, children and babies and being recruited and tortured which is disguised as a training technique- they don't care if they lose someone because to them it's just another person. The longer this goes on, the worse it will be for others- I don't want to put through children of that, they don't deserve it." I say tearing up.
For a few minutes there's a silence of everyone processing what I just said.
" So... What do we do now then??" Bellamy asks
"I don't know." I almost whisper,shaking my head.

" Why don't we just break in to where she's living and kill them there and then?" Jasper suggests
" No, I'm not making you's all murderers." I protest
" Clarke...get real. This is a good idea. Monte you with me?" Jasper asks
" We would need to plan a route though and the plan itself we can't go in blind." Monte says disapprovingly.
" You'd get yourself killed Jasper." I say bluntly and he seems hurt
" What? You don't think I can do it?" He says getting serious. I don't reply; which he takes as an answer.
" Of course you don't." Jasper mutters and walks up stairs towards the kitchen.
" Jasper wait!" I yell after him but he ignores me.

Monte rolls his eyes and follows Jasper upstairs; Lincoln follows.
" You didn't have to put it like that." Raven says before she walks off to find Jasper.
" I didnt...." I begin but Murphy beats me too it
"Nice going Princess." Murphy interrupts me slyly before also walking to the kitchen.

We stand there in an awkward silence and I put my head in my hands and sigh, Octavia joins me on the sofa.
" Clarke, I know you didn't mean it the way it sounded. But I'm gonna go see if Jasper is ok." She says and I nod; O leaves.

It just Bellamy and I in the basement. After a few moments of silence he joins me of the sofa and I raise my head from my hands and look at him, hoping he'll say something.

" You mean well. I know what you meant." He says simply
" Yeah but he thinks I think he's useless." I whine.
" Yes, but your just trying to protect him from getting hurt." He says and my eyes light up a bit," see I told you I understand." He gives me smile, he always does.
" Yeah but he doesn't think that." I huff
" Well show him. Tell him properly." Bellamy suggests
" I will but that's not the big problem here"

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