Right around the corner

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Octavia's POV:

The desperation in Bellamys eyes to find Clarke is there, but he needs someone....so who's better than his most favorite person in the world?? Plus I just want to go because I want to find Clarke aswell.

It not just killing Bellamy; it's killing me too.

Inside it's ripping me apart but Bell doesn't need that added pressure.

We head for the door, quietly closing it behind us. We find ourselves in a corridor all consumed with iron walls and floors the only difference is the dim yellow lights specifically placed in a certain space along the corridor. Obviously there's no windows: like duh we're underground. Turning to him, he probably already knows what I'm going to ask.

"Do you know where we're going??" I ask him quietly

" I memorized the map of the place but I don't know where Clarke is. Or if she's even here." He mumbles-wait what?

" What do you mean, if she's even here- you don't know for sure." I say annoyed

" Well hypothetically I know she is, I can't explain it but I know she's here. But there's no guarantee " He admits

" Bellamy, what happens if we get caught?? We've never handled these people before. So we don't know" I say frustrated but quietly.

"Come on O " he ignores my previous comment and leads me through the corridor.

Sometimes he drives me up the wall. No one has a brother like Bellamy Blake.

Seriously, he would still be a virgin if he wasn't gorgeous or had witty remarks....then again he's related to me so that also explain A LOT.

Eventually after 30minutes of taking dramatic turns we hide, in a slot in the wall, wide enough for us both to fit through, Bellamy stays on the outside- protective brother alert

" Where do we go from here." I question quietly

" We have to get through that door." He mumbles pointing past the barrier we're hiding behind.

" Bell that door is swarming with multiple guards and cameras and who knows what else... how are we meant to get in." I whisper desperately.

" I don't know.." he says disappointedly

He starts to ramble;I zone out thinking of all possibilities....

BANG....got one.

Of course Octavia saves the day.

" Bell!!" I whisper a bit too loudly

" What?" He asks with an unpleasant breath.

" Do you think we could get in through the walls, it's like crawling through an air vent but your standing not crawling right?? Like if there's gaps here, there must be more, we could get to Clarke through the gaps in the wall and it's not like they'll be able to see us I mean we're in the wall." I say excitedly.

" It's an idea." He says with his eyebrows

" It's our only idea."

" Fine. We'll try it." He says half smiling.

We slide ourselves in, replacing the removable bit of iron once we enter and turn on our phones torches.

Only because- and it probably kills him- there is not enough room to walk side by side, I'm in front of him whilst we squeeze through . Bells looking at the map every two seconds always directing me in what way to go.

The space gets thinner as we go on further- we won't get much further. We need to find an opening....

Bellamy grabs my arm, motioning me to stop.

" What??" I whisper

" The prison cells are on the opposite side of this wall." He says hopefully

" Bellamy, what's the chance Clarke's in one of these? " I ask

He doesn't reply

" Text Jasper to use the tracking device on Clarke to help us find her." I order.

Damn I'm good.

Jasper's POV

" I can't believe they left without us!" Raven says aggressively

" It's probably best,I mean won't a group of teenagers look suspicious." Monte points out
" And I'll get my ass kicked" Emori states

" Your ass is less important than Clarke " Raven says motioning towards Emori.

She immediately stands up as Raven approaches her with steam flowing from her head. They continue they're little argument.

" Your in my apartment Raven don't forget that." She warns

" And why haven't the guards came yet?? To check your room, pretty sure in a rich facility like this they'd be guards surrounding each corridor." She suggests

" What are you saying exactly?" She asks squaring up to her.

" You know exactly what-" I cut off their little argument because as usual I save the day.

Well ok so it wasn't me but it was my phone, someone's texted me.

" Guys hold up!" I call out and everyone turns to look at me

" What Jasper??" Murphy groans

" I gotta text." I state

" Congrats you have a social life." Murphy exclaims sarcastically.

" Shut up Murphy, who texted you?" Monte says- love you bro.

" Oh yeah the text um..... Jasper get the laptop and pin point Clarke's location ASAP." I read out

Lincoln is already back, shoving the laptop into my hands and pushed onto n,y knee. I take a seat of the sofa as everyone crowds around. Quickly, I log on I get onto the cracking app thing and see 8 colorful dots.

" What one is Clarke??" I ask as Raven seats herself beside me- she's obviously calmed down.

" Geez, for a genius on the computer your pretty lost for common sense Jasp." She mocks," ........ It's the blue one get on the phone to Octavia....wait,  just let me do it."

She steals my laptop and sets it down on herself, working her magic.

Ravens POV:

I seriously can't deal with Jasper's slow inability to comprehend things at his speed.

I take matters into my own hands - I'll do this myself. Slipping the phone into my hands I press my finger against Octavia's name on the screen:she just needs to pick up.

I can do this twice as fast.

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