Did someone say New York

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Clarke's POV:

Back at the apartment, we're all squashed onto 2 sofas and I literally mean everyone: Me, Bellamy, Octavia, Jasper, Monte, Murphy, Emori, Lexa, Raven and Lincoln.

Currently, we're all watching a movie- God knows what but I'm too fascinated in my own thought.

I loved New York and I would give anything to stay there with Bell and O and finish high school there.......but, I have my responsibilities. When I first got my position here, which I worked for all my life, I planned on staying here a long time and am I really gonna give it up for them??

Truth is, I would in a heartbeat if it meant I could be with Bellamy but I swore an oath which means I have to go back to working eventually, and we could be relocated anywhere in the world. Hope is a last resort and in the past it hasn't been kind to me( then again I have murdered people as a job)

" Clarke?" Bellamy's arm on my forehead brings me to reality, I think about sharing my thoughts but I just smile instead.

" What are you thinking about??" He asks me, searching my eyes.

" Just-"

" We need to talk." My mom bursts into the apartment with Kane following at her heels, with a key she must have made or whatever and Bellamy and I quickly untangle ourselves from one another and Jasper turns off the film.

Clearly not fast enough to avoid my moms vivid stares.

" About what??" I say sitting up more straight

" In private." She says quietly

" You can say it in front of my friends mom, they already know everything." I roll my eyes

" So, I see you've already disappointed the organization I presume. Do you know how hard I worked to get you to where you are-"

" You didn't do anything, God mom your not even physically trained so you never had the physical torture." I say annoyed.

And this my mom, God why can't she just back off at times.

" We need to talk in private." My mom says, all eyes on me

" Right here, right now." I argue

" Clarke-"

" Here." I say folding my arms and pushing my back against the chair feeling like a little kid who didn't get her ice cream.

" Fine. They've decided on a new location for ARKOrg to be built in." My mom says- wait what?

" Where is it?" I ask trying to keep a straight face.

" My bosses thought that you honored everyone by saving us so, they decided to build it in New York-" she smiles at the end of her sentence.

" Really??" I ask with my jaw dropped

" Nothing's been confirmed yet but yes, they think it should be your reward" she admits.

What the- like. Is this seriously happening??

" So, when can we leave to go back to New York. Can we go now and get settled back in. And get me back into-" I rush

" Slow down Clarke. The organization never said anything about you having your own apartment" she always comes down on me.

" She won't. She'll be staying with me." Bellamy says out of the blue

" Seriously?" I ask smiling turning head towards him.

" Yeh, seriously." he says firmly

" Mom, can we get packed now and head out. Please, can we go back to New York now??" I beg- I never beg.


Hours later we find ourselves on a plane, flying first class( Thankyou Kane) towards our home, my home.
Bellamy and I are seated together and despite the large space we have for sleeping, we're still squashed up against each other but we're not complaining. 
Eventually we land. And eventually we reach their house; it's surprises me.

When I left, jumping out the window I memorized this place because it was going to keep me sane while I was away but I...everything's how I left it. When Bellamy told me he came for me straight away I didn't think he meant literally.

" Okay princess??" Bellamy asks coming up behind me.

" Couldn't be better, look I really don't have to-"

" Shut up Clarke, your staying here" and that's that then

" We get to finish Highschool, like normal teenagers." I say excitedly and Bellamy just laughs

" Yeah we do."

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