Oh, how the truth always comes out

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Octavia's POV:

" My names not Clarke Watson, it's Clarke Griffin. And I didn't move from Orlando, I ran. Ran from my home and the place I grew up in..ARKOrg. I'm an Assassin Octavia." Her voice is flooded with fear...wait what??
" Ok." Is all I manage out. For once I'm lost for words. Where do I find them??

" I was part of the ARK for as long as I can basically remember I was taught how to speak a dozen languages fluently, fighting, how to use guns and a trained Doctor. I'm a walking war." She takes a quick breath then continues in vivid detail," I swear I didn't know any better, I wasn't taught another way, I was taught to survive Octavia please understand that." She starts to tear up but quickly wipes them away

" I Do. Clarke, I'm not judging."
" Okay. I was giving a list of names and their information. I was taught to go and murder them, it was mostly bad guys....until I became one. People started talking about a secret Assassin and named me 'The Great Wanheda', I've done some terrible things. I didn't know it at the time but the people in charge were being controlled by a person it's hard to explain but it's like taking a drug and you do whatever it says except this drug is a person. Ali.."
" Clarke..."

"Let me Finish..please, she was telling the people incharge to send me out killing people who help- she has her mind set on creating a new world and I when I discovered It i ran I was scared. I took the money I got payed from killing people and guns to protect myself. I decided to disappear come to New York and start over living undercover until I found a way to take her down. But then I met you, and Bellamy. You two changed my life, you showed me that there are people you can trust which is why I'm telling you. But you need to know that I could be putting you in danger by telling you but it's safer you know what's going on rather than not knowing."
" Wow." She's...
" Wow what??"
" Your amazing." Her face lights up and she starts crying. Tears stream down her cheeks and she smiles at me, climbs into be bed then hugs me and we stay like that not saying a word.
" My best friends a spy!! A spy." I say laughing and smiling at the same time.

Clarke's POV:

Did I make the right choice??
Should I of told her..if I do admit it feels a lot better that someone knows even if it is Octavia but I do trust her or I wouldn't of told her.

I still need to tell Bellamy, it's different...telling him. I need him on my side i, i don't know I just need to tell him.

I walk down the stairs, completely forgetting about how bad I look and see Bellamy watching tv on the sofa he sees me and turns it down as I take a seat next to him.
" Hey Princess." He still does that same smirk, it's adorable
" Hey, you were right about telling Octavia. Well I knew you were because I trust her completely and I know you do aswell and."
" Clarke you don't have to tell me anything." I feel like I can actually breathe when I'm with him, it's nice.

" No Bellamy, I do. I want to tell you everything."
" Ok then,I'll listen." He says turning to face me.

" Bellamy. I'm gonna tell you this and I swear to God if you want me out if the house after then I'm gone ok. But you can't tell anyone not because it will put me in danger but because it will put you in danger and Octavia. If they find out that you know anything, they will see you as a threat to them and they'll kill everyone you love, But despite the danger I think it's safer for you to know."

Desperately, I wait for an answer back before I start talking but instead he pulls me close to him, wrapping his muscly arms around me and my face resting on his chest making me feels safe. He whispers in my ear:
" You aren't going anywhere, I'm not gonna tell anyone, I wouldn't risk putting you in any more danger." I smile into his chest before I sit up and begin to tell him everything,

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