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Clarke's POV:

The bell rings after the last lesson and instead of going home I have to go to detention for feeling sorry for Bellamy Blake since when do I care?? Well that's my reason anyways; the real reason is because I- we were texting in class. Fuck sake

I take a seat at the back of the class and just stare out of the window; then I hear Bellamy walk in and he takes a seat next to me.

" So since we're here because of you I guess that I should sit next to you." He says smugly
" Because that makes sense." I roll my eyes and put in my earphones
" Ouch. That hurt." He gives me he puppy eyes and I turn my music down.
" What a shame." I sigh
" Come on Clarke, why u being funny with me?"
" Maybe I just don't like you, ever thought of that?" Bit harsh isn't it??
" Well. Maybe I don't like you." I argues back
" Then why are you talking to me." I've won this one
" It takes 2 people to have a conversation princess.." He has a point, but I'm not gonna admit it OBVIOUSLY.... maybe I haven't won??
" Whatever." this is gonna be the most annoying thing ever in my whole life and THAT says something.

10minutes Later...

" What do you want?" I take out my earphones and turn around to face him
" I was just gonna tell you that your pockets beeping??" He gestures to my left pocket on my winter coat.
" what?" I mutter, he obviously heard though. I run out the class and into the girls toilets ... Leaving a confused Bellamy behind.

Thank god there's no one in here!! I lock the girls bathroom and I empty my pocket and spread the things I had in it on the floor. Okay so I have my phone, keys, money and Key ring....And wait what? Key ring. I never put a key ring in my pocket. I've never had a key ring. GODDAMN IT, I wasn't quiet enough. Wait. You could be overreacting Clarke. I pick up the key ring and look carefully at it, flipping it continuously in my hand. Don't take chances Clarke. I smash the tiny key ring, that has a simple landscape picture, and glass covers the floor. There it is. Someone's put a tracer in my pocket today at school. This person is in the school, they've been watching me the whole time . Ok Clarke calm down. I sigh and shove the glass into my pocket. Right so they obviously don't know that I know that their here, and I don't want to move. I like it here, it's my home now....I suppose I could. No. Well why start. But, No! I really need some more friends if I keep having arguements with myself like this.

Ok just walk back into detention and just act like that I don't know that A.R.K.Org knows where I am or that they wanna kill me( be realistic, killing would be too easy for them) I walk out the toilets and straight into the detention room where Bellamy looks at me as I enter. What if it's him? What if he's the reason? I take my seat and talk to him. It is him I know it. I just need to get answers like why A.R.K.Org sent him. It is him. It has to be, I'm only ever with him I know it's not Octavia because all the girls are put in together, he's the only person it could be. And I thought we were friends...

" Wanna explain what that was all about?"
" I'm sure you already know?" I mutter...WAIT DON'T MAKE HIM SUSPICIOUS
" What is that meant to mean?" Seriously? Give it up, then again if he's from ARKOrg then he's trained.
" You doing anything after this?" I ask, if I can get him to come back to mine I can get answers there- I still have my stuff
" Nothing why?" Perfect
" Wanna order pizza? Like I could ring Octavia to come around as well."
" Yeah sure." Ha, I'm playing the player.
" Ok I'll see you after then." I turn around and stick my headphones back in. This outta be interesting.

At My Place......

Eventually Bellamy and I get to my place and I said that Octavia is stuck in traffic and will be running late, I never even called her. I ask Bellamy if he could go and get a pizza cutter from the cabinet, as he reaches the cupboard I grab one of my rifles and smack it hard over his head, forcing him to fall to the ground unconscious.

I drag his unconscious body to the corner of room and attach one hand to handcuffs and the other to a pipe running along the wall. I take the other hand and place it in a glove- the glove, once placed on a hand, begins to slowly numb the hand so you cannot feel it and you won't be able to move it at all whilst the glove is on. It also begins to cut off the circulation and after 5 hours of wearing it no blood gets pumped to the hand so it then needs to be amputated- it's a method I picked up a few years back.

So you get the answers from him then what?? You gonna kill him? Well yes. I have to. What about Octavia?? Well if her brother is part of ARKOrg I guess she is too. But what if he's not part of it and completely innocent? What you gonna do then, how you gonna explain it? Hm.... Let's worry about that if it happens

After a few hours he begins to stir and wake up.
" Eventually!" I exclaim, I need to be as terrifying as possible so I can get answers. I. Hate. This.

I've never liked torturing people but it's part of the job that became my entire childhood.

" What the." His voice is groggy and his eyes are still adjusting.
He looks around and soon figures where he is
" What is this? Why the hell am I handcuffed and why have I got a glove on my hand."
" Well I figured out why you've been so nice to me and I also know it's you who's been tracking me. And the glove that's just a way of getting answers" I kneel so I'm level with him on the floor

" You wanna tell me everything before it gets dirty?" I whisper
" Clarke what are you on, what sick thing is this?" Committed.
" Give the act up Bellamy or whoever you are, why are you tracking me? I left to start over I took what's mine why is ARK wanting me?"
His eyes looked confused and he frowns not knowing what to say- could he be any more predictable
" Or what does SHE want." I stand up and back away
" What the hell are you taking about?" He could win an Oscar
" Fine have it your way." I leave the room and find my suitcase, and take out a scalpel knife and enter the living room, where Bellamy is.
" Clarke..."

I unbutton his shirt and lightly run the knife across his chest making him flinch
" You sure you don't wanna talk."
" TALK ABOUT WHAT?!" He shouts
"You know you could win an Oscar especially with the puzzled look in your eyes. Now who sent you? Jaha, Kane or what about Abby, did she send you?" My voice grows Angrier and louder, " Or maybe it was the bitch herself "
"CLARKE WHAT THE HELL, STOP IT." He shouts and tries to get free.
" I haven't even started yet." I bend down, becoming level with him once again.

" Now I start."


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