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Clarke's POV:

Pikes body descends from the helicopters steps back onto the rooftop. I'm frozen in place as my mind begins turning to try and figure what or who has made him reunite with the floor. As a male emerges from the helicopter, my thoughts are answered: Bellamy.

" We caught you this time Pike." Bellamy says with his gun raised as Pike steps backwards and closer to me.

I also raise my gun at Pike, the two of us at opposite ends pointing at him, and seconds later the two of us are yards away from each other.

" Your learning Blake." I yell over the noisy helicopter, with a light smile but fully concentrated

" I think I've outdone myself." He beams still focused on Pike

The three of us stand there, Pike doesn't move; he knows he's cornered and any movements will only come from the bullet in my gun. Just then, Octavia comes bursting through the doors with Kane and my mom at her side.

Together: all my friends, my mom and Kane make their way towards us, walking up behind me. Pike stands there as he thinks of a possible escape route out of this situation for him- failing.

" We were worried, you wouldn't make it Clarke." Kane says walking ahead of me bringing out a pair of handcuffs from his pocket.

" It was all him." I say smiling at Bellamy who still was focused on Pike- he'd make a great agent.

As Kane reaches Pike, he forces him into handcuffs and begins the usual routine but he voice is zoned out by my and Bellamys eyes connecting, next thing I know is that Kane is leading Pike back into the building all restrained and everyone follows closely behind.

However I walk up to Bellamy, who is standing there with his hands in his pockets, we walk to the ledge and sit ourselves down with our legs dangling over the 50story ledge. It's just us on the rooftop and everyone else is probably downstairs deciding on what mental asylum to take him to.

" You caught them." Bellamy says after a while as we watch the starry sky.

" We did, I couldn't have done this without you Bellamy." I admit looking up but I sense his charming gaze on me

" Your right there, my life was boring before you came into it." He says and my head turns, so I can meet his gaze- our bodies barely touching and faces centimeters apart.

" And now??" I whisper, even though we're the only ones there, my heart is pounding so fucking much.

" Lets say, I'm happy my sister has to befriend every single new kid in the school." He smiles gently

" I'm happy too." I gulp

We stay silent for a few minutes just taking in everything that happened in that last day.

" What happens now? Now that your mom is okay and the organization is getting back on its feet, what's gonna happen to you?" He asks me desperately

" I don't know...I- can we just enjoy this moment." I ask him, snuggling into his chest as his protective arm shields me from the breeze.

" Anything, you want." He replies and I enjoy the sweet moment we had.

3 weeks Later........

Clarke's POV:

Kane told all of my friends and I to stay in town for a bit longer, just until Pike's case is taking care of. He's getting his trial today and we've all been told that we've got to go. The organization is using the governments money to rebuild and now they've decided to relocate but they don't know where. And since most people died they're changing everything, but for the better. Even the ranking system is getting changed but I'm okay with that.

Kane is now in charge, well technically but not really. I mean, well- all of the agents follow me because I received some award for saving everyone and they all follow my orders( it's pretty cool or it will be when it's all rebuilt) but Kane is the boss boss and my mom just helps along the sidelines.

The government bought us an apartment close to the court room, we'll be using for all of my friends.

" There's a car outside, waiting for us, Jasper, Monte and O have already cracked open a bottle of champaign. I really don't see why you left this  luxury life." Bellamy says standing at the doorway while I turn around and walk by his side, along the hallway.

" It could be the hostile takeover Pike lead or maybe all the killing- I don't know something like that." I half joke.

" Lets get this over with." Bellamy says, holding the bottom of my back as we join the others in the limo.

It's nearly over, only took me a year to get here.


So sorry for the long wait but recently a lot of stuff happened and I'm in the thick of exams😩kms and I've got four tomorrow so that's why it's been slow

Again I'm sorry xx

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