Connecting dots

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Bellamy's POV:

Bells are ringing- it's all I can hear . I clutch to the air andmy eyes force themselves open. I touch my head and my hand is stained with my blood. Rowan has both hands around Clarke's neck, too fascinated to see me; he's killing her. Everything goes so fast it seemed surreal:

I grab a gun left over on the floor and aim it at him....BANGGGG. I guess I should start singing ding dong the witch is dead but in the movie the witch doesn't take the princess as well.

As Rowan's dead body drops to the floor, Clarke is swept under too, I'. unsure if she is dead, Running over to her I place my head on her chest......she's breathing. A weight is lifted from my shoulders and I put everything in her pack. Cautiously, I look out the window and all cars are gone, it's as if nothing happened-weird. I don't even have time to process what's just happened all I know is that I've got to get us both out of here, I ring O and tell her to pick us up.Before real cops show up.

Carrying Clarke bridal style out the back doors with the backpack with me, I reach my car with Octavia as the driver and we go home, surprisingly O doesn't say a word. I place Clarke and I in the boot so Octavia doesn't see much of us because we're all bloody and bruised. Clarke starts to stir on the ride home and she wakes up and goes into panic straight away.
" Bellamy! Where are we? Did they get us? What happened? Oh my god are you ok? Your all hurt. I'm so sorry, I'm so so sorry." She breaks down in tears hysterical and all I do is comfort her. I'm better off asking her after she's all cleaned up and stuff.
" Clarke. Your in the car we're going to my house. Your safe now." I try and calm her but she's in tears.
" Bellamy you need to tell me what happened, your face- it's all cut. Did someone?" Her voice trails off so I step in.
" Clarke you need to rest we'll talk about it later, we're gonna take you to the hospital ok?"
" No no no no no! Bellamy listen to me I can take out the glass i'm trained ok I can take it out of you." Her eyes stare into mine and all I see if fear.
" What about you?"
" I've just got bruises and Monte can help me with stitches ok." I don't blame her for not wanting to to go the hospital but still.
" Ok I'll call Monte and Jasper over to my house if you go to sleep."
" Bellamy I'm not a kid." She's so stubborn
" Obviously. Just get some sleep Princess." She rests her head on my shoulder and falls asleep-'at least it's quiet now.
" Hey Bell, we're home." Octavia murmurs as she opens the boot for Clarke and I to climb out of. Gently, I carry Clarke upstairs and put her in my bed- she isn't seriously injured- I think to myself , she'll be ok and when she wakes up i'll clean her up but I better call Monte over to take out the glass shards that are wedged in my back. After putting Clarke to bed I make my way downstairs and see O sitting on the sofa ready to ask 1million questions; I take a seat opposite her.

" I don't know where to start." She says in disgrace
" Look O, I'll tell you everything but I need to call Monte and Jasper over to clean me up."

" Just go to a hospital!" She spits
" I can't...I'll tell you later but let me get these glass pieces out of my back first.." I pick up the phone almost immediately and call dumb and dumber
" They'll be half an hour." I say taking another seat.
" I thought , why did you lie??" She looks at me in tears
" When we went to Clarke's flat, I saw it, it would of broke you O, I didn't want you seeing it . It was a mess: blood in the room, door kicked in. It looked like a trash site. I didn't want you to worry so I lied. It was scary O seriously. You wouldn't of liked it." I'm only doing my best to protect her, I'm the only family she has left and she I.

" Why didn't you come and get me? We could have went together."
" I didn't know what I was getting into. I followed Clarke and she started saying how she needed some stuff off the roof and I offered to help. There was police cars, O everywhere around her building- I lied to get past and in. I don't know how she managed to get up to a 10floored building using pipes and window ledges but she did. The police....they discovered I was helping Clarke and held me captive and then Clarke is thrown into the floor Infront of me all bloody. I don't know what's going on with her Octavia she's had a different life to us. They tied her to a chair and she broke free and killed the men. I killed one."
" You. You killed someone?" I can't tell if her voice is shock or horrified
" I saved Clarke he was going to kill her."
" I can't . Clarke said.."
" So you believe Clarke now?? Bellamy wake up!! She isn't who she says she is!"
" What are we going to do Bell??" She whispers but loud enough for me to hear
" There was something else.... The guy I killed before I did kill him he called her Wanheda?"
" What the hell does that mean?"

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