I'm not drunk

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Clarke's POV:

After about 10minutes of speed walking through the chaotic mall I eventually find the bar, it's packed.
Great, this is exactly what you want to be doing on a Monday night at 11 o'clock.

Slightly annoyed, i enter the Sunday Rose and through the large black doors reveals a lively place with an extremely busy bar, packed dance floor, tables with mountains made from bottles and......seriously? There's 3 girls pole dancing. What the hell.

This could be more of a stripper club- I think to myself. Casually, I walk towards the bar: fighting my way to the front and still, no sign of Bellamy. The deafening music is drilling bigger holes into my ears as I make my way closer to the bartender at the bar.

" OVER THERE!!" He yells back, pointing to the other side of the bar.
" THANKS!" I scream
Pushing my way past drunken teens and adults I find Bellamy standing with a group of boys I've never seen before.

" Bellamy." I say trying to catch his attention even though I'm like 2 feet away from him
" BELLAMY!!" I yell again now standing right In Front of his face.
" CLARKE??" He shouts," What are you doing here??" He asks loudly

Is he seriously that drunk he can't remember our conversation.

" Come on we're going."
" Why?? I'm having a blast." He raises a drink at me and I just roll my eyes.
" Bellamy." I say moving towards him- I'm right in his face, ignoring the teenage boys behind me making snarky comments
" Come on, your drunk." I plead
" That's the point of a bar you know." A lad says from behind me
" Bellamy come on its 11."
" He doesn't have to go with you... Why don't you stay aswell??" Another boy says looking me up and down.

Loosing patience I turn around to face the three tall all handsome boys but I'm not interested.
" Names Atom." He says holding a sweaty hand out," Come dance with me."  I ignore the hand, now realizing the attention i'm Getting is because of the shortness of my skirt
" Not interested." I reply and the other 2 boys snigger.
" Bellamy who's your lass." Another asks giving me a wide smirk making me uncomfortable
" She's not my lass." He says and takes a swing of his drink.
" Great. Then she can dance with me- I'm Henry." He says pulling me onto the dance floor.

Out of the corner of my eye I can see Bellamy laughing and drinking with his friends. Why couldn't I just have dragged him out...

Bellamy's POV:

After I dropped Clarke off and we parked our car in that 'secret' place I decided to go to a bar, now I'm not going to get drunk- I told myself a dozen times yet here we are at whatever time and I can't seem to think straight.

" Alright Bellamy next round on me since you downed your 8th pint in 30seconds." Chuffed I pat Atom on the back as he orders 4 shots.
" You guys ready??" Atom says as he returns, handing the three of us a different colored shot.
" Henry you first." Atom says.

Henry is definitely well-built, well since last year anyways he started using my gym stuff, he's pretty good looking only thing is that after he's had a drink he's a really pain in the ass.

In seconds Henry swallows the shots the slaps the glass onto the table and winks.
" Alright boys." He slurrs," Andrew...here." He yells.

Andrew is definitely less muscle and more brains but he's still a nice lad to be with at a bar and...well he can handle drink. And again he downs it in seconds.

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