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Clarke's POV:

" Oh my god" I breathe, shaking uncontrollably.

That's exactly how we met. Ali would not have known that. So...but?? Is it.. oh my. Really.

I'm shaking horrendously. I cannot move a single bone in my body, yet I find myself spinning around the room. This is actually real...she's here.

But I have so many questions- CLARKE!! Stop she's actually here. ITS OCTAVIA

" Octavia??" I ask as tears form in my eyes; she nods gently.

For a second, I'm frozen in place. However, a smile is plastered onto my face for the first time in ages, it feels good.

Hang on it FEELS good. I'm. Wow. I'm not lost at all.

" Octavia.." I start crying, breaking down in front of her and this time she doesn't hesitate at all but hugs me.

Human contact.
Something I have missed for 2 years. Hang on she hasn't aged....

I don't care about that, I'm just happy she's here.

We hold onto each other for dear life, as if we're each other's breathing source. I bury my head onto her shoulder, smiling into it as she does me. Tears fall freely from both of our cheeks- happy tears. Even though we're still stuck in this place it's- hold up. How'd she get here.

Eventually I break away, preparing to ask her questions.

" O, I need to ask you something..." I begin regaining my myself but still smiling.

" Yeah yeah. Shoot. Ask me anything." She says also grinning

" Why haven't you aged??" It just blurts out into open air and her reaction confuses me

"What do you mean?? Why haven't I aged??" She asks as her smile fades

" Octavia, it's been 2 years you should have aged a little." I say raising my eyes brows; her jaw drops

" What do you mean 2 years??" She asks, my head starts spinning

" Well I've been stuck here for 2 years, as a prisoner." I say obviously but staring to feel thick

"'s been three months since you left not 2 years." She says suspiciously

" No-"

" Clarke. Think about It. You have not been here 2 years, they lied to you."

My brain is exploding but yet I'm in no shock. Instead I rest my head against the wall.

" I'm not surprised that they lied, I suspect it was part of one of their tests-"

" They've been testing on you??" She asks stunned, I nod

" Wait a second, so if it's only been 3 months...hang on are you here by yourself??"

She never gets to answer because the door swings open and both Octavia and I stand, stepping forward while I push her behind me.

" Clarke your weak." She whispers

" We're getting out of here. Give me your necklace." I whisper back but then all of them walk in just after she hands me it.

All six council members.

" Well I see the two you have reconnected." Ali states, standing at the front of her posse.

" And you lied to me, not that I'm surprised...but you lied to me about being here 2 FUCKING YEARS." I shout at them

" See, what did I tell you?? 5 minutes with one of them and her emotions would spring from the ground ." Pike says as if he's important

" No amount of drugs will make me forget this Pike." I laugh.

" So why don't you tell us your next plan." I say folding my arms

" But that would ruin the fun...your other friends are already experiencing them." Abby states

" Other friends..." I say gulping

" You know, the ones she came with." Lexa points her machete at Octavia and I stand in front as a bit of protection.

" You were my friend Lexa.." I say solemnly

" I never stopped Clarke." She says blankly...

She's tapping her pocket and since she's at the back, the other council members can't see what she's doing. Is she trying to trick me?? Or is she really on MY side.

" Right, girls. So, why don't we get Octavia prepared for her first test and Clarke I have a great can watch." Ali says as her eyes light up.

" You touch her you die Ali."

" Clarke be civil." My mother warns

" All of you die." I correct myself looking at my mother-

she's in there. I know she is. I just need to press the right buttons: since I'm her daughter I know exactly how to do that

" Were you part of dads murder or maybe you were HIS murderer." I say

" Huh..I thought she looked like a murderer, no wonder you chose my family over your old one." Octavia joins in

she's a quick learner and considering she's related to Bellamy not many people can beat her witty remarks-apart from me of course.

" I'd watch yourself sweetheart because right now my family is safe, whereas yours is in a cell all alone with guards, who knows what they'll do." Pike warns- Bellamys here??

" Bellamys here??" I say by accident- shit. They'll know how to hurt me and him.

" You didn't know did you." Ali laughs,"This truly is a Shakespeare Tale." She laughs again

" Hurt him and I'll-"

" You'll what??" She says stepping closer to me- too close for her own good

Quickly, I pull Ali into me, so her back in turned to me, wrapping the silver chain- thanks O- around her neck.

If I press hard enough it will choke her. She can't move and she knows not to- I can kill her in a split second. But Pike is fast enough to hold a gun at Octavia's head- making me think about my decision.

" Put it down Wanheda." He warns

" You first." I say back, raising my eyebrows- O doesn't move.

" You on the floor, hands behind your back." He orders at Octavia.

Without hesitation she does it- what is she doing??

" Her names Clarke.." O says- don't do anything stupid Octavia,

" You have three seconds Wanheda. Or this bullet does in the back of her head." He warns

My mind is spinning but I'm not moving. Octavia responds for me.


Ok so is It me or does the new ep look AMAZING. But I have a feeling that Octavia might die or something. Since Marie, says it's her favorite episode for her as a character maybe it's because she finally dies and is reconnected with Lincoln??
But God I hope I'm wrong.

And did did people here what Bob said about Bellarke aswell😉 apparently there's some scenes in the next ep.

So yes I'm a little excited

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