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Bellamys POV:

As soon as the door closes and Clarke leaves, I sit back on the couch and feeling like I can finally breathe again. But 2 seconds after....Octavia decides she'd like to leave a large red imprint of her hand on my cheek.

" What the hell Octavia??" I shout standing from my seat

" Your an absolute ass Bellamy!!" She pushes my chest, ignoring the group of people watching our little argument.

" What did I do now??" I groan

" Where should I start?? The fact that you didn't say goodbye- when you might never see her again or the fact that you haven't chased after her yet!" She replies more stressed

" She doesn't want me there..I'll just distract her." I say truthfully

" She's a girl Bellamy...underneath all that rock she is still a girl," she pauses wait for me to answer but I'm clueless," SHE WANTS YOU FUCKING THERE YOU JACKASS" she shouts releasing all her frustration

" Octavia-"

" No Bellamy, it's been quite clear how you feel towards her but non of that matters if you don't show it to her. Did you know that she was made to believe she'd been here 2 years, or that they had tested on her??" She persuades me.

" Oh fuck it." I say grabbing a jacket and I'm out the door within seconds.

Octavia better be right.

Stumbling out the door, I hear Clarke's footsteps around the corner. Quickening my pace, I follow the sound of her feet dancing along the cold floor- suddenly, the patting sound of her boots stop but I keep walking.

Turning the corner, my body is thrown onto the floor with a familiar face on top, with a knife to my throat. I smirk at her and in return she rolls her eyes, pulling me off the floor.

" You scared the shit out of me Bellamy, I nearly killed you." She exclaims quietly

" Nearly..." I repeat," How'd you get the knife??" I ask curiously

" Emori. Why are you here?? I told you-"

" I don't care. I don't take any orders from you, I came because I know you want me here with you."

" No...no I don't, what if you get yourself killed."

" You wouldn't let that happen and i would never get myself killed." I say.

She raises an eyebrow in return- meaning the fact that 2 seconds ago I nearly had my throat slit

" Bellamy for-Gods-sake." She whine

" Gotta be quiet princess or they'll hear you." I say taking her phone and looking at Ali and Pike's pinpointed location.

Almost immediately she takes it back," Do you know your way around this place??" She smiles and I drop my head in defeat as she leads the way carefully," I think not."
We walk in an awkward silence, her a few yards in front of me. I watch her with fascination: the way she walks so carefully, how she focuses on what she does and how she does it....she mesmerizes me.

" Stop staring.." she says looking at me- shit was I staring

" I wasn't-"

" You were Bellamy. This is why I didn't want you here." She says, stoping in her tracks until I'm by her side,

" Because your beautiful and I stare at you for it.' I smirk

" No, because you distract me." She whispers and I pull her into a hug.

We stay, like that. For a few seconds, letting my fingers play with her hair- removing some of the stray tats.

" Don't we have a job to do??" I ask removing myself from the hug

" I, have a job to do." She says sternly

" I'm going to help Clarke you can't stop me." I answer

She huffs," fine but there's one condition.."

" Anything." I immediately reply

" Ali's mine." She says and I see the determination in her eyes.

We carry on walking and eventually come to some double doors. Clarke paces a finger to her mouth, telling me to be silent

God she's so beautiful- no concentrate Bellamy.

Slowly she opens the doors, one at a time.

Clarke's POV:

Opening one of the doors slightly, just so I can see inside. I'm completely shocked. The door itself makes no sound.

But as I gaze through the gap, all I see is a black hole.

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