Future books ( what a plain title)

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Okay so hi to my readers I guess ( don't know how to start this stuff)

Can I just say:::

wtf this book really has 3k like wtf and my other book has 2k🙏🏻 thanks guys, I feel proud.

Anyways my other books::::::::::

So I do have a one shots book with currently has around 9 parts and I'll be publishing the first one soon but, ideas are wanted ( not that I'm uncreative or anything) ( not saying I am either- Blocking out the KnowItAlls).
So if people just to comment or not (your choice) about different one-shots I can do, I'll do it and I'm tag you so they know that, that person had the dead and I just developed it into a story. So yeah guys: one-shot book coming out soon.
Probs when I feel like I have enough stories to publish and I get ideas.

I also have another book in progress which is going to be my take on season 5 of the 100 and to see where that goes with my imagination (hopefully good) so yeah if you'd like so to see that just follow me or whatever- BTW THIS ISN'T A PUBLICITY THINGY WHERE I WANT FOLLOWERS OR ANYTHING- it's just a suggestion.

SO THATS IT GUYS, there are new books coming out soon and if you want to read them why not give me a follow ( don't bite my head off, just an idea guys)

Can people please tell me which one they want published first please, like maybe a comment or 2 will help or I'll just choose.

But it means a lot for people to comment as I always love feedback and criticism.  Xxxxxx

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