Back to School (ii)

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Clarke's POV:

Well Clarke you managed a week at this place and look where you are now...
Bad books with teachers,
Jumped off a 150ft building
Apartment got trashed
Tortured one of my best friends
then drugged him
Moved into my best friend and her brothers house
Told my best friend about me
Told the brother about me
Told all my other friends about me
Nearly died...again

Instantly I look up realizing that my friends are all looking at me. Quickly realizing I'm in my own world.

"Clarke you ready for this?" Murphy asks quietly
" Hang on a second..did you actually ask me something that didn't benefit you in any sort of way??" I smirk
" Yep she's fine, a stubborn bitch as usual." I playfully nudge his shoulder as we take our seats...and I forgot. My seat is at the very front. I'll just move to the back with the others.

" Miss me princess??" Murphy asks as I take a seat to the left of him- Jasper to left of me, Bellamy in front of Murphy, Octavia in front of me and Lincoln in front of Jasper.

"Class." Jaha nods as the 30 or so students grunt in response.
" Clarke I see you have located yourself to the back row now have we??" He looks at me sternly, looking for a fight.
" I needed to catch up on missed lessons and Jasper can help me to that." I answer without taking my eyes off our beast of a teacher.
" Very well, just keep quiet." I nod in response then look down to my work.

The teacher returns to the board to begins to write some stuff about atoms.

" Hey Clarke?" Jasper whispers
" What?" I ask, a bit louder.
" Here, someone gave it to me- it's for you."

I take the scrupled note and start to unfold it.

We need to talk, it's urgent. 10 in the janitors closet. I'll meet you there.

I extend my leg to nudge Bellamy's chair, he turns to Murphy who nods at me. Now turning his full body around he looks at me confused. I show him the note and ask if it's him......he shakes his head . Slumping back into my chair, I think about the note for the full of the remaining lesson.

Why would someone want to meet me??
This has to be about Kane but if it was a teacher why so secretive and not just ask me. I'm Sick of all this now, the faster I take down Ali the faster it's all finished..wait what am I saying??
It might have nothing to do with Ali it could just be some stupid kid and some stupid joke.

I find myself having a staring contest with the clock on the wall every 5minutes- god time passes so slow. My skin is so itchy to find out who sent the note and I know that i shouldn't even risk it but my gut tells me to and I've came this far listening to my gut haven't I??

" Clarke if you stare at that clock any harder your eyes might pop out your head." Murphy states, I just shoot him a glare, ignoring his comment.
" If you put anymore jell on that hair it'll turn to oil" I fire back; he huffs in his chair and I earn a wink off Jasper.

" Finn nice of you too join us!!" Mr Jaha states sarcastically then points to a seat at the front and I immediately look up.

Finn, that rings a bell...- first day I got a smart ass remark off him then he apologized. I remember.

" that's not my seat. That is." He points over at me but our eyes meet for a second and I feel my cheeks heat up a little as I stare into his eyes.
" It's ok, I'll sit at the front." He says ever so calmly and winks at me, that feeling leaves;  I feel sick.

Octavia stretches her arms out nearly whacking me in the face but drops a note on my desk- so Octavia and her little ways.

I spy with my little eye that your blushing!!! She scribbles
Do you think it was him who wrote the note? I write back and slip into her pocket.
OMG YES. Your not gonna go are you, Clarke I told you he was bad news on the first day. She replies
You guys trusted me, I should trust him first. If something happens I'll tell you
I slip the note back into her pocket for the second time but I don't get a reply.

What did he do to make Octavia hate him??

It might not even be him, my bets on Kane but I haven't seen him since that thing in my apartment.


" Hey I'm gonna go ok." I give a reassuring nod to Octavia and I leave them whilst I make my way to the janitors closet.

It turns to 5past 10 and I'm Waiting in the janitors closet by myself, it was probably some sick prank or something. I wait another 10minutes then the door opens and I jump back, stumbling back onto a bucket.
" Shit." I whisper and strong arms grab my waist.
" Hey. I'm glad you made it."

Dusting myself off the person I regain my balance and look into the messengers eyes.
" Your Finn right??" I ask stepping away a bit remembering what Octavia had said

What are they gonna talk about hmm?...

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