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Bellarke One Shots by 04alisa-johnson05
Bellarke One Shotsby Lisa Johnson
"Are you flirting or trying to start a fight?" --- "We're not just friends and you fucking know it." Highest rank: #14 in Bellarke Requests are welco...
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  • clarkegriffin
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She is - bellarke fanfic by mybellarkeAus
She is - bellarke fanficby Bia
"It's you - he said still hugging her - I always knew that - he puts his hands on her face, looks right into her deep blue eyes full of tears, and smiles knowing sh...
  • the100bellarkereunion
  • the100season6
  • clarke
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Bellarke Domestic AU's & One-Shots by AllyLilFox
Bellarke Domestic AU's & One-Shotsby 覝惟D螖
I decided to take a chance and post the following stories that will be written on this book, which I made out of boredom & also because there are not that many Bellarke...
  • fanfiction
  • the100bellarke
  • bellamyblake
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In Hate, We Love by AwayWithWriting
In Hate, We Loveby Amelia
Clarke Griffin doesnt have it easy on the Ark, her dad is sick, her ex-boyfriend Finn seems to be waiting around every corner, begging for her back and the bully Bellamy...
  • the100
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  • love
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Soulmate by AwayWithWriting
Soulmateby Amelia
When two people who hate one anothers guts are trapped, with only each other for company, words are spoken, sins are forgiven and feelings change. And what will happen...
  • bellamy
  • the100
  • snow
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Shooting stars [PL] by noctrnal_hell
Shooting stars [PL]by Vee
Min臋艂o 6 lat od ogromnej Praimfaya, kt贸ra zniszczy艂a nasz膮 planet臋. Niekt贸rzy zdo艂ali ukry膰 si臋 w bunkrze. Niekt贸rzy polecieli w kosmos. A niekt贸rym nawet uda艂o si臋 prze...
  • soulmates
  • bellarkefanfiction
  • hardlove
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Post Praimfaya (bellarke season 5) by Red_Writer5
Post Praimfaya (bellarke season 5)by Red_Writer5
"I left you behind once...I'm not doing that again." More than 6 years they've been separated. Clarke doesn't know if she saved them that day. Bellamy thinks C...
  • bellarke
  • octaviablake
  • bellamyandclarke
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The 100 island  by mybellarkeAus
The 100 island by Bia
Clarke and Raven are two best friends that decide to take a boat trip for one weekend. The same thing happens with the Blake's, that want to visit their parents. For Be...
  • lincoln
  • murphy
  • jasperjordan
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Room 224 (Bellarke) by AlexisBent
Room 224 (Bellarke)by AlexisBent
Clarke moves into the same apartment building as Bellamy, who is normally sleeping with a different girl at least twice a week, and he starts to fall for her. Once their...
  • clarke
  • griffin
  • bellamyblakeandclarkegriffin
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Together by AwayWithWriting
Togetherby Amelia
Clarke was born a second child and though it was illegal her parents kept her hidden. After 16 years, they couldn't take it anymore. They told her to leave, and she left...
  • bellamyandclarke
  • romance
  • love
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The 100 Season 5 Rewritten by kirk_land
The 100 Season 5 Rewrittenby Hannah
I've already watched Season 5 of The 100 but I wanted to make a some changes and basically rewrite the entire thing. I'm making it up as I go along so just bare with me...
  • season
  • bellarke
  • green
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Sky box by The100delinquent
Sky boxby IG:Theonehundredcriminals
Clarke is imprisoned in the Sky box, there she meets Bellamy, the director of that prision. Everyone in the Sky box is afraid to step out of line and face brutal punish...
  • bellamyblake
  • prison
  • bellarkefanfic
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Flight 319 by Lil_sheyyy
Flight 319by Bellarke
After 2 strangers missed a flight to L.A , they were asked to share a hotel room with one bed
  • clarkeandbellamy
  • strangerstolovers
  • clarkegriffin
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The One by bellarkestan18
The Oneby bellarkestan18
Praimfaya just happened. Bellamy and Clarke were dating for years. Bellamy believed Clarke was dead after he left her behind. Little does he know she is very much alive...
  • bellarkefanfiction
  • bellamyandclarke
  • theonefanfic
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days without you  by ineedalifepleasse
days without you by ineedalifepleasse
two thousand, one hundred and ninety nine days without you. two thousand, one hundred and ninety nine days without him. two thousand, one hundred and ninety nine days wi...
  • bellarke
  • season5the100
  • clarkegriffin
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Bellarke OneShots by Justabellarkeshipper
Bellarke OneShotsby MIA
Just a few one shots of the 100/bellarke these are set in 2015 on Earth. Enjoy
  • bellamyandclarke
  • bellarke
  • thecw
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You are my sunshine {Bellarke | The 100 Fanfiction} by Alyssa_belle18
You are my sunshine {Bellarke | DarkScavanger
The end of the world is coming and all the people have decided to live their lives to the fullest instead of surviving...except Clarke and Bellamy who want to keep fight...
  • drama
  • clarkegriffin
  • baby
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Bellarke one shots  by swanspirate520
Bellarke one shots by Swanspirate520
A bunch of random Bellarke stories
  • bellamy
  • clarkegriffen
  • bellamyblake
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Bellarke One-Shots by Piggy1001
Bellarke One-Shotsby Piggy1001
Okay, I love The 100, and I ship Bellarke. So here are a bunch of one-shots. Each chapters a new story.
  • one-shots
  • bellarke
  • grounders
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2,199 Days After Praimfaya  by Multi-Bellarke
2,199 Days After Praimfaya by Multi-Bellarke
You can tell I have no social life when I've got three books out ? Basically, it's my take of season 5 and yes I'm aware it's already started and yes I'm aware that it i...
  • praimfaya
  • wanheda
  • octaviablake
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