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Clarke POV:

" BELLAMY!!! HURRY UP!" I scream from the top of my lunges as I walk at the bottom of the stairs for him.

A few minutes later he trots down the stairs like a horse with a piece of toast in his hand; he's fully clothed wearing a grey tee-shirt and darker bottoms. Reaching the bottom of the stairs I snatch the toast from his mouth with my hand and shove the remains in my own.
" That was my breakfast." He states
" Yeah. Now it was my breakfast to." I say smirking with a mouth full of toast as we lock the door and meet the others in the car.

Bellamy practically announced he was driving as soon as I told everyone the plan, I'm gonna be in the passengers seat with Raven,Octavia, Monte and Jasper in the back. Quickly, Bellamy starts the engine and we're off!!

" Ok so it's about 10 now so we should be there for 10past." Bellamy says but I shake my head.
" No, you'll need to park a block or so away and walk from there- it's safer."
Bellamy agrees and once he parks his car we all get out and I turn to the others.
"Guys I'm going to explain everything now before we get there because it's going to be fast."
They all nod, waiting for me to continue.

" Raven how long will it take you to disable the alarms?" I ask
" 10minutes from the outside but the police will already be here if it goes off " she answers doubtfully
" What do you mean, outside??" Jasper asks
" Well, if I can do it from the inside, the main office, I can do it in under a minute." She replies
" Before the alarms even go off...,"I finish," Raven you will have two minutes to get in the office and disable those alarms before it goes off ok- if you don't we're screwed, Octavia you said you could get us straight into the office??" I ask hopefully.
" Yeah, follow me," Octavia leads us to the schools fence then stops

" We're gonna hop the fence and climb in through the window of the office, we'll be dodging all the security cameras and it'll be way easier. As Clarke said as soon as that window opens Bellamy will start the 2 minutes timer on his phone, you'll have 2minutes  to disable the alarm or it will go off after the 2 minutes and we'll be as Clarke said: screwed" she explains- wow O's better at this than I thought.
" O do I want to you how you know all this??" Bellamy asks
" Probably not no." She smiles.

Quickly, we all hop the fence and sprint for the building, staying out the way of any cameras; we reach the window but it's too high for any on us to reach- fuck we'll have to stand on someone's shoulders.
" Now what?" Bellamy says looking upwards, they look at me for a plan.
" Clarke. I will never fit in there!" Raven states angrily, pointing at the tiny rectangular window- she's right.
" Looks like your going in princess." Bellamy says with a smirk.
" What??" I say nearly choking I AM NOT GOING IN THERE.
" Your the only one who'll fit through." Jasper says
" Raven will get in there." I protest.
" Clarke. Your more experienced than any of us, what's wrong it's only turning off the alarm I'll talk you through it over the phone." Raven says but I'm shaking Bellamy must have realized because now he's grabbed my shoulders and I'm facing him while he others talk amongst themselves.

" Clarke." He whispers so only I can hear," What's wrong?"
" Bellamy, the other times it was just my life this time it's 5 other people's I'm not used to this." I say looking at his gorgeous brown eyes
" Neither am I but I trust you. You hear me? I. Trust. You." I smile at his words.

" Please Clarke, your the only one who can do this, get in the window Raven will talk you through shutting off the alarms and then you can open one of the doors from the inside and let us in."
" Ok." I whisper," ok I'll do it." I give in, and tell the others.
Next thing I know is that I'm being hauled up by Bellamy and standing on his shoulders.
" Can you see in?" He asks.
My face just about reaches the window, I'm far up enough to push myself through I just need to open it.
" Yeah I can, will someone pass me a crowbar from the bag?" I ask and Jasper passes me one.

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