Finn Collins

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Clarke's POV:

" Yeah I'm surprised that you know my name Princess." He smirks-

that name it just doesn't sound right, coming from his mouth

" Well I have talked to you before you know?" I would obviously remember him I mean look at him- his gorgeous blue eyes and his long brown hair..

Clarke, stop now.

" Why did you um, want to meet me here??" I ask, trying to quicken whatever this is up
" I wanted to see you alone." Really?
" You could have just walked up to me y'know. Infont of my friends?" It would make more sense.
" That wouldn't end well, Bellamy would probably kill me."
" For talking to me?" I huff

" That didn't sound very convincing." I fold my arms as I speak. I can feel the air around me getting thinner and the space between us shrinks; I don't move.
" What did they tell you??" The light in his eyes goes out and his tone of voice changes.
" Nothing, yet. But you've obviously done something because Bellamy hates you and so does Octavia." The corner of his lips fold into a smile then he drops his head for a second.

" I get why Octavia hates me- that's, that was an accident."
" What did you do?" I'm so curious I'm about to pull my hair from my skull
" There was this party wayy back in freshmen year, we all got wasted- some more than others."
" You mean you got wasted more than others " I spit

" And I got carried away a bit- I went upstairs to the bathroom but it was locked- I was drunk Clarke. I started to bang on the door violently then a brunette came stumbling out. She was beautiful. She had a tight black dress on that should have been a top, it probably was. and she was carrying her high heels in her hand, alcohol in the other. We were both so drunk and I had been getting shit for still being a virgin in high school."
" Did you rape her?" My hands ball into fists but my voice stays absolutely calm.

" She gave me a dirty look, I grabbed her arm and I whispered things into her ear; she was laughing and tugging on my top. So I pushed her back into the bathroom and started kissing her. Clarke I was so drunk seriously you have no idea. She started yelling but I never heard it wasn't until Bellamy came into the bathroom and punched me to the point I had more bruises than skin."
" And you thought by trying to send messages to me," I wave the note in his face," it would make everything ok. God. I mean Octavia told ,me you were bad news I didn't think it was like that." I'm shocked. Just shocked.

" Clarke people deserve second chances, can't you give me one?" He asks
" Finn...I haven't got time for that stuff, I'm busy." Not a complete lie.
" Clarke please, I really like you." He begs
" You don't even know me." I answer sternly.
" Why don't we change that?" This guy doesn't give up.
" I need to go." I move around him and go to exit the cupboard but as I pull off the handle, it drop to the floor.

I glare at Finn, he obviously did this on purpose to piss off Bellamy and Octavia,there's got to be more to the story I mean I know I wasn't here in freshman year but that was ages ago, years ago.

"You think your funny?" I ask sharply
" You think I did this?" He asks, attempting to be innocent
" Well the door handle didn't fall off itself did it." I snap raising my voice
" Clarke I swear." My ears stop listening to his rambling and I take lure my eyes to his neck, under his left ear.

Quickly, I focus back onto his eyes without making him wary. I saw it. The chip.
Finn's been chipped too??
How is she reaching everyone?? Ok calm down.

"Look Finn I'm sorry. I shouldn't have overreacted like that and your right, you do deserve a second chance why don't you meet me at 7 tonight, We can go to the mall or something." I lie right through my fake smile.
" Yeah, Clarke that's great see you there Princess, I'll pick you what's the address?"
" No I'll get Octavia to drop me off she's going anyway ok?"
" Are you sure I mean.."
" Yes." I interrupt.

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