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Pike's POV:

There's no way Clarke knew about the break in- but it was definitely her friends.

That girl can lie her way through life using that mouth of hers but her eyes tell a different story- she was telling the truth.

I'm on my way to a meeting with the others: Ali, Abby, Kane, Jaha, myself and Lexa. As I walk in, they're all sitting around a large circular table, once I enter I also sit, next to Ali.

" I take it Ali has told you about the break in." I begin: they all nod.

" So We have a lot to discuss but we need to solve one issue at a time so, the first question is...did Clarke know about it." My sister asks me, turning her head

" No...she had no idea- I drugged her though so she won't remember a thing...that leads me onto something else. This means we have a rat, it's that or someone on the outside helped them get on the inside" I say firmly

" Lexa who did Clarke used to work with, on her specialist team??" Jaha asks getting involved

"Me along with Roan, Wells before he died, and Emori." Lexa answers

" What about Roan, him and Clarke were close??" I say but Kane looks at me in confusion

" Roans dead Pike, Clarke's friend Bellamy killed him." Kane says

" Well what about Emori, anyone know where she is??" Abby asks

" Emori left as quick as possible I wouldn't be surprised is she's in Antarctica by now, hiding like Clarke had."

" But what if she helped them get in." Ali says

" Is it possible she's hiding out in her old room, it's abandoned down in that section, she could easily be living there and I bet she has her ways of getting in and out without being seen." Jaha says

" Right then, Kane you go get some guards to check out Emori's apartment well her old one, report what you find, even if it's nothing." With that he nods at my order and leaves.

" Jaha if we showed you the prisoners will you be able to identify them, you were undercover as a teacher at Clarke's high school."

" Yeah lets go." He answers

" Right meetings over, report back in an hour- Lexa guard Clarke's cell, Abby run some more tests." My sister orders as we take Jaha to the prison cells.

Bellamys POV:

I wake up to an enormous headache and a black eye. Slowly, I let my eyes adjust to the brightness in the room. Scanning it, I notice that Octavia isn't here and an immediate panic floods my system as horrific images of her dead body fill my head.

I'm chained to a pipe running up along the wall, the room it's self is crystal white, the only difference in color is the iron door which looks extremely heavy. There's no way out. I'm been stripped of my phone and map around the place. 

I sit there, studying the halls and the tiny circular window plastered onto the door, trying to figure the outsides. Eventually, the door opens and three people walk in. I presume the woman in the red dress is Ali, one man is Jaha and the other I presume is Paul? No Pike. It's Pike.

" Well do you recognize him??" The woman, Ali i think asks

" This here is Bellamy Blake." I roll my eyes

" I can introduce myself thanks." I say sarcastically

" This one definitely knows Clarke, he's got her sarcasm" my eyes light up at the sound of her name.

" Give us a minute please Brother." She woman says towards Pike, he nods then leaves with Jaha.

It's just us in the room. She knees down next to me, a bit too close for my liking but unfortunately I have nowhere to go. She strokes my chin then removes her fingers.

" I presume your looking for Clarke." She says a bit to close to my face

" That obvious??" I ask annoyingly

" And I also guess that girl with you is your sister, she's your spitting image." She says seductively

" Where is she??" I ask ignoring her fluttering eyelids

" In a cell, like you...all alone." She says moving closer to my lips- she kisses me.

I don't kiss back, at all. I pull away with a sarcastic look.

" Sorry darling your not my type." I wink

" Yes. I recall your type is short blondes" she smirks and I breathe heavily

" Now, here's the deal," she says backing away," You tell me how you got your cute little ass in here and I'll tell you where Clarke is."

" I already know where Clarke is. But I got in here with my amazing skills." I say leaning back.

" It's alright your sister already informed us on the details." She sighs standing up, " we'll just kill her."

I laugh- Clarke taught me a few things when we were together, well obviously not together together but I know I what I mean.

" Your not gonna kill your only leverage....I thought you would be smarter than that. If you kill Clarke or Octavia then what reason would I have to tell you how I got in. I think I'm in a good position here." I smirk to myself

" Well sugar plum." She irritably taps my nose," I already know  Emori helped you and all your little friends. Kane just informed me and they're all in cells like you. We're always one step ahead, darling." She says proudly

" Then why ask??"

" Because , I wanted to see if Clarke was as predictable as I thought by teaching you a few things. Clearly I was right."

" You know nothing about me." I mock

" Bellamy Blake, sister called Octavia as you call her 'o'. Dad left or died, mother committed suicide, luckily though, you were seventeen turning 18 and you fought and fought the courts and multiple judges to gain legal rights to be Octavia's guardian and then when you earned them you became her guardian and have looked after her since. When Clarke came into town you couldn't stay away and look where you ended up....chasing a dead girl," she laughs," it's a good story almost Shakespeare material."

" Your lying." I state

" About what part.. the dead girl bit no no hunny that's true. I have proof."

" I don't care about the proof, I know your lying." I say almost laughing

" You chased a dead girl, that tracker on your phone- we hacked into it. Here's the pictures, you can tell they aren't edited. We'll bring your sister in while we decide what to do with the two of you." She says before leaving.

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