New alliances

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Clarke's POV:

Octavia swiftly pulls a gun from her back pocket and aims it at Pike. But we're still outnumbered: Kane and Jaha aim guns at her. Abby and Lexa stand aimlessly but
Lexa keeps tapping the hem of her swords like she's trying to decide something.

" Your still out numbered ." Pike laughs, it's a nervous laugh though .

All of a sudden, Lexa pulls out one of her machetes, hitting my mom on her head- not cutting her but just knocking her out for a good few hours. She's too fast to be shot at, by the time Kane and Jaha turn around she has Kane by the neck of her sword- one slice he'll be dead.

" They aren't now." She nods at me and I smile in return. No-one knows where to turn.

Kane is stuck at Lexa's hand and Jaha aimlessly holds a gun, switching it from me to Lexa but Pike has his gun fixed on O. Meanwhile, Ali hasn't moved from my grasp and Octavia has a gun pointed at Pike- let's hope she doesn't shoot first: she's better with a sword and she knows it.

But she's putting on one hell of a show.

" You ever shot a gun before Octavia." Pike teases.

" No but I have." I say

As I speak, I push Ali at Pike, knocking him over, buying us a few seconds as Octavia throws me her pistol and Lexa uses her free hand to slide one of her two swords across the room at Octavia.

Soon everyone is armed one way or another- apart from Kane.

I now hold a pistol aiming it at Ali's head while she take one of Pikes guns aiming it at me- but we both know if someone's gonna die it will be her. So because of that...Pike has his gun aimed at my head, Octavia holds a sword at Pike, While Jaha aims his gun at O- Lexa still has Kane in her grasp, against her sword.

" I thought you were with us Lexa." Kane struggles to say

" None of you are with them." She shouts," They chipped you...good thing I met with Emori and Clarke when she left and we got each others out." She says smoothly, concentrating on who's gonna makes the first move.

" That was a mistake Lexa." Pike says turning around.

We here footsteps down the hallway and we know they will only lessen our odds of winning. Time to make a decision Clarke.

" Make a decision, Backup is coming for us.." Pike smiles," Ali, get to the main office- go." He orders while his eyes don't leave mine.

" Leave and I shoot you.." I say firmly

She laughs and walks away- but I keep my word.

Without hesitation, within the first step she takes, I shoot her in her right leg purposely.

She falls onto Pike, who is forced to catch her. While all his goes on Lexa also puts Kane unconscious but I hear a gun shot- not from me.

Shit who's hurt??

Immediately, I look at Octavia and she shrugs- we then look at Lexa...she's also ok.

Actually, Nobody is hurt. Did the gunshot even hit anyone.

" What did you do??" I say, actually scared of the answer

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