Wreckless Choies

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Ali's POV:

We've, meaning Pike and I , have got Clarke and everyone else exactly where we want them. Wanheda seems to think that she's been here for 2 years; it's only really been a few months.

Pike has even programmed all the chips so everyone who's been chipped thinks they've been here 2 years as well. It's brilliant, we are brilliant.

" We've got the test 1 results Ali!!" My brother says broadly walking into my office, sitting opposite me.

" How's Wanheda??" I ask

" She's just came back from test 13. How she's managed this long I have no idea but she's still going." He says proudly," she's just returned to her room and doesn't even think about her old life."

" Great. Now what about them results." I say extending my hand as he gives me the sheet.

Taking a moment, I look at the results.

"Is this test for the infants." I say handing them back to him

" Yes but I had Clarke's medical files drawn up from when she was born and the results aren't the same." Pike says

" What are you implying??" I ask intrigued

" Wanheda has already survived so much, her pain-thresh  hold is  untouchable. Why don't we just metaphorically, put a bit of Clarke into all the babies." He finds over the idea
" How much would we need from her?"

" Well as much as we want. But each test subject needs a certain amount of Blood." He says sternly

" How many will Wanheda's blood make?" I fond over the idea

" 10 at the most."

" We'll give her the night to rest and take her into surgery in the morning." I say and we both stand.

" Not long now." I say walking around my desk to take my brother out the door

" I'll come see you in the morning." He says before leaving.

Clarke's POV:

You know what sucks about being a test subject?? It's the fact that it messes with your brain.

So many times in the past two years I have imagined Bellamy coming back for me or I have escaped and they all end up with someone getting hurt.

But the worst part is that I don't know what's real.

I don't have any energy left to care, or feel sad.

All I feel is rage inside my head

Rage at everyone....everyone except Bellamy and the others.

I can't tell if I'm in a dream right now or if it's even real.

I don't know if sitting on my makeshift bed, in my shitty little cell, thinking about shitty little things is real. It's even worse that I don't care.

But just because I've lost myself doesn't mean I haven't lost he idea of murdering Pike and Ali-
as soon as I get the chance I will; fake or real, if I die in the process I don't care.

I'll kill them.
I'll kill them 1million times even if it's just in my dreams.

" Wanheda..." a smug voice says as the door creaks open slowly but then the woman in red walks in. I say nothing

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