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Ravens POV:

She picks up almost Immediately and my hands shake a little.

" O??" I ask desperately onto the phone

"No it's Bellamy, Have you found her??" He asks more desperate than I should

" Yeah, I'm sending it to you now. Find her Bellamy- bring her back to Emori's place."

"We will I promise."

" Hey Bellamy?" I ask before he hangs up," Look, if she's not-" he cuts me off

" We're gonna find her Raven, we're all gonna be ok" he states then hangs up before anything else is said.

Bellamys POV:

" O, you gonna have to let me get past you." I say

" Bell, for once just let me lead it's not that big of a deal, plus how are you gonna fit through- the space is too tight." She rejects

" Do you know your way around this place? Stand there, I'll get through."

Surely enough, after many attempts I manage to squeeze around her, despite her remarks but I know my sister.

She just wants to lead but, she's not, not when we're in this place, no matter what she thinks. I always put her first.

Following Clarke'a pin point on my phone and reading the map I follow the phone around corners until we reach a dead end; we're still far from her position.

" Shit." I mutter

" We're lost aren't we??." O says a little TOO loudly.

Quickly, I turn around and press my hand to her mouth as we hear footsteps of the other side of the wall.

" Don't make a sound." I whisper.

The footsteps on the other aside of the wall stop; pressing my head against the wall, I listen for any kind of movement. I can feel O's hand on my back.

Suddenly, I'm jolted away by the wall being torn down, from the opposite side. Catching glimpses of large hands, covered with gloves are ripping away the wall allowing light to pass through the darkened space in the wall.

" Go now." I say rushed.

Octavia and I both go back the way we came as quickly as possible but we're stopped almost immediately by hands snatching us into the hallway.

Blinded by brightness, I shout and yell Octavia's name- I'm pretty sure I hear her shout mine but quickly I'm greeted by darkness.

Clarke's POV:

I wake up back in my cell with a banging headache, only this time is different. Normally, after I'd have tests they'd put me on my cell 'bed' and just leave me to wake up alone... well this time, I'm strapped down.

Maybe it's because I reacted the way I did to my mom?? I'm unsure.

I haven't opened my eyes yet; too busy thinking of possible reasons, I want to be ahead of them but I don't know...what's the point any more.

I'm trying, really I am, to keep calm and sane- that's what the others would want but it's been two years. They've moved on with their lives: why can't I?? I still try though, I haven't lost myself completely, not yet.

Eventually I open my eyes- damn I always forget how bright the lights are in here- adjusts my eyes to the lights I manage to sit up, against the wall and as I noticed before I'm handcuffed to one of the pipes that run along the walls.

I expect someone will walk in and explain.

"Clarke." Pike greets me, keeping his distance- I let out a dry laugh

" It's pathetic, isn't it? How you continue to hand your heart to her in hope that you'll receive one bit of importance. I'd think that by now you've would've learned by the endless cycles of disappointment that....your...nothing. Nothing to her. To no one." I mock, smirking

" Right let's get this over with." He sighs, closing the WANTED space between us, he stands opposite me.

" What do you mean?? I've had my regular tests for today." I say confused

" No more tests, today."

" Well, mind explaining why I'm handcuffed? Seriously, if it's because of what happened with my mom- there's no point it's a mother daughter argument there is-" he cuts me off.

" It's not because of that. We had a break in. In the west wing, hallway 31 section B
..... know anything about that. I know you had your hiding places- in the walls. We found some.....familiar people- to you." He finishes.

What?? He's lying, he's got to be. Despite, my doubts my eyes widen and I grow curious

" How would I know who?? I've been here for years." I say because it's obvious

" No..this was planned they had help from the inside- it has to be you. Are you communicating with them??" He insists

" What are you on about?! I sit here all day. Who even is it??" I ask desperately

He must realize I truest have no idea but he nods slowly and stands up, as if he's going to leave.

" Looks like your telling the truth, it doesn't matter you won't remember anything after." He says before sticking a needle into my arm and I immediately grow unconscious.

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