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Note: If anyone else is currently writing a book and would like a cover designed please message me and I'll happy do it. It does not have to be any specific fan fiction xx. Only thing would be my watermark but I'd put it on the bottom right very small. The one above is my first one I've ever done so they WILL improve. Just a thought incase anyone wants me to make one. Time wise it would vary but I assure it will be 2-3 days MAX.  xoxo.

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Clarke's POV:

I leave Bellamy's place and I'm walking down to my apartment. The last time I was here was when I escaped from Lexa. How did I survive that jump?? I mean I LANDED ON THE ROOF OF A FUCKING CAR. It's at times like these when I wish I told someone because to me it's pretty impressive if I say so myself.

I turn the corner and see around 5 police cars; what the fuck? Shit shit shit this isn't good. I immediately pull myself out of view. Someone must have called the police after they'd seen my apartment. They probably thought it was a burglary or something.I pop my head around the corner and try to make out what I can see and who's there.

Ughh it's just a bunch of cops- I need to get to the roof if they find my stuff I'm screwed how am I meant to get in though. I never got the chance to take the stuff off the roof and I NEED them back. But how do I get up. I can't just walk in there- the receptionist would recognize me and I'd be interviewed by the police I need to get my stuff and go. Go anywhere, everywhere. Anywhere but here.

I'm jerked from my thoughts as a hand reaches the collar on the back of my shirt and drags me backwards.  Immediately, out of surprise, I turn around to reveal the mysterious figure.
" Really Bellamy? You followed me!!"I spit, half whispering, checking several times to see that no one can see us.
" Yes really I followed you an why are you keep looking around." He turns his head slightly to try and look at what I'm looking for, someone watching me.
" It's-er.  Actually I need your help." I can use him to get me inside, see a chance and take it. Right?
" Oh so now you want my help?"why is he so difficult?
" You gonna help or what."
" What do you need??" He sighs, there's the Bellamy I know
" I need to get into my apartment but considering you've seen the state of it you already know why there is police outside the flat block." I wonder if he knows
" The 5 police cars kinda gave that away. Why do you need in your apartment??" 
" I need stuff." Really Clarke. Stuff.
" Can't be that important if it's just stuff" he smirks
" I'll tell you after then ok just please. "
" Ok fine. What do you need me to do?" He's gonna hate this plan
" So.... I need you to get onto my floor in the apartment building and open the window for me. So I can get climb in."
" Ok so your gonna get Peter Pan to fly up with you and help you climb 150ft yeh?" His sarcastic tone clears his obvious opinion on the subject.
" No I was gonna get Tinkerbel to sprinkle Pixie dust on me so I would fly up myself."
" Remember to think happy thoughts Griffin."
" I've gotta a lot of thoughts Bellamy some include you actually moving your ass so we can get finished this."
" You might wanna be a bit nicer princess or should I say fairy princess?" He smirks; that wasn't even funny. I raise an eyebrow then he shrugs and walks off but I grab his arm before he has the chance.
" Bellamy..," breathe," Can I trust you?" My eyes widen and go glossy I can't help but bite my lip while wait g for an answer.
" Always." He smiles," I get it."
" Trust is hard for me." I say," don't let me down. Please. It would hurt me more than you."
" I said I get it Princess." Once again he turns from me and walks away shutting me out.
"You should write poetry Princess" he says as he walks across the street.
And I can't help but force a smile

This is ridiculous I should not be relying on Bellamy Blake.
I can trust him, let's call it a gut feeling.

Bellamy's POV:

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