Stepping on a Gold mine

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Octavia's POV:

Shit shit shit. Silently, I turn off my phone and hide underneath the window of the door, it's fairly high up so all I need to do it sit down. Closing my eyes, I wait for them to leave but they never do; slowly I open them but I don't dare move. Shaking, I cover my mouth using one hand- who knows why??

The handle on the door then begins to shake violently; they're trying to get in. Fuck. What do I do?? I close my eyes again, squeezing them shut and keep as still as possible and I open my ears in attempt to listen to what the teachers are saying as the vibrate against the door stops.

By their voices I can tell there's 6 of them- I can't believe I was right..two I recognize but I've never heard the other four  before: My English Teacher- Mr Marcus Kane and my Science teacher- Mr Thelonious Jaha.

I do a slight background check on all teachers like their first names and stuff.

But the other four.....I have no idea, I can tell that there is 3 women and a man just I don't know who but why do I have this weird feeling it isn't gonna be about grades...

Hey you might get lucky but how much luck you had in your life Octavia?? I'd say zero- none.

I begin to listen to their conversation of my two teachers and the other four mysterious women and a man.
" You's shouldn't be here." Kane states. What?? And too who??
" I agree it's far too dangerous if she.." Jaha begins but one of the women cuts him off
" I thought I made the decisions here." She says. Ugh I can imagine her with a bun being all proper and smartly dressed, very snobby...leader maybe??
" We. Make the decisions." The other man says
" Yes, you do its just a suggestion." Jaha retreats. I'm so confused.
" Watch yourself Theloneious." One woman says sternly

OH MY GOD BRAINSTORM, Octavia take out your phone and record the conversation, Clarke might know who it is talking. Without another thought, I do just that and begin recording.

" Theloneious...," she pauses for a brief moment... I can't make out the rest but maybe my phone did I'm not sure but I get the impression she whispered because she didn't want the others to hear.
" Will we find her??" The other woman speaks for the first time properly.
" We will." The other woman reassures. Surely they are talking about Clarke
" And when we do??" Kane speaks up
" Well we shall give her the choice.." The man states, he's very orderly
" And if she declines." Jaha asks
"  We have not yet come to a decision but we will, and you all will stand by us." Was that a question??
" Yes." All four say.

Glancing down at my phone, I see I receive a text message from Bellamy. SHIT NO NO NO. It beeps- loudly. Looking around, I search for anything. Come on there's gotta be something?! They pull on the doors on cue again and I put up my hood, just so they can't see my face, they bang loudly on it but my back is turned to them so they can't see my face.

They obviously heard me. Alaska probably heard my ring tone,

I fight my way to the air vent on the ceiling, stepping on the shelves to reach it, in a hurry I open it just as the others open the door and stay in my hiding place above, hiding inside the air vent, with the seal back on while I look through the thin rectangular gaps to see who it is.

Three mysterious women( who I've never seen before) enter the cupboard. 2 of the 3 are tall whereas the other is somewhat smaller. Presuming, she's the leader, the one in front is dressed in a knee-length, tight, red, dress with matching lipstick with her black hair in a tight ponytail. The other tall woman has a relatively oak shade of brown hair and wears it in a weird sort of plait- she also has some sort of sun tattoo between her eyes. The third woman is smaller at Least by an inch or two; her light brown hair partners her hazel eyes and her skin is relatively tanned also.

Then the three men enter the room aswell: all tall and well built. 2 of the three has skin a beautiful shade of walnut, one of the two stands side by side with the woman in red and the other is a lap dog begins them. The other man is pale and a beard is forming on his chin and he stands beside the man behind the two at the front.

I begin to shuffle backwards in the vent before I get caught, but they obviously know I'm here or that someone is because they must have heard the ring tone, now I've jut got to get back to Clarke and she can tell us where to go from here, God I hope they did it in time.

I could use some good news, we all could.


Shuffling along the air vent I eventually find myself an opening, to where I jump down and find myself in one of the school halls. I then make my way out of the building quickly, frequently checking to see that I'm in the clear. Once I hop the fence, I pull my black hoody down and take out my phone to ring Bellamy.

What the actual hell, I have 11 messages off him geez doesn't he trust me. Well...ok I know he does and he's just worried but still.

" Hey Bellamy." I say hesitantly
" Octavia where the hell are you." He never uses Octavia unless I'm In trouble.
" I'm coming to the car now, chill." I say and I hang up before he starts a screaming match over the phone.

About 10minutes later I reach Bell's car but Clarke isn't in the front with him- not getting involved but here we go and I'm gonna get screamed at... Actually I'm not gonna give him the chance.

Climbing into the passengers seat I recieve even a glare off Bellamy but the others stay quiet in the back.

" Do you want to explain O?"
" Explain what?" I say with an innocent smile
" Hmm, I don't know maybe why it took you so long to get to Jasper??"
" I told you teachers were there." I say
" Well we never saw any?" Is he actually calling me a liar
" I've got proof. Clarke you'll wanna hear this." I say
" Not here." Clarke says seriously," Bell can you take us to yours?" So they aren't fighting??

These two drive me up the wall and in the air vents apparently too.

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