Plans (ii):

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Bellamy's POV:

" Clarke we can't stay here forever, Kane's gonna wonder where I am so where's your stuff"
" On the roof."

Is she for real?? Why the.. You know what I don't want to know. I run a hand through my hair and sigh

" Look I'll go get them ok I just need Kane and whoever else to be distracted, ring me if something goes wrong" she says-

how is she this prepared for everything
I need answers from her when all this is over.

" Ok well be careful where are you meeting me."
" At your house."
" But Clarke how will I know that your home"
" Home???"
" Well I just took it as if you were staying at Mine and O's place"
" If she even wants me there." She mumbles
" Look just meet me back in here then we'll figure a way out ok."
" But."
" No Clarke. Meet here." Then I leave hearing her sigh behind me.

I turn the corner to see Clarke's flat and Kane at the door, leaning against the it with his arms folded. He stands up straight as soon as he sees me,
" And where did you disappear too??"
" I went to check out the roof, Clarke liked to spend time there." LIES LIES LIES
" Find anything??"
" If I did would my hands me empty."
" Well I found something" he walks into the bathroom and I follow, feeling both nervous and interested.
" What did you find in here?? There's nothing." I state the obvious.
" The air vent is loose and if you look closely there's blood on the side of it, I'm guessing it's Clarke's."
" Ok so she escaped through the air vent and onto the roof?" I say walking back into the main room in disbelief- not true.
" I'm sorry what??" He tone turns serious.

Shit. Oh fuck it Bellamy

" Well I'm just guessing." I say trying to backtracks.
" How would you know that the air vent leads to the roof??"
" Well of course it would." Shit,shit,shit
" That doesn't answer my question though."
" So this is an interrogation then." I stand up, becoming level with him and fold my arms.
" Not yet."
" Ok well since you seem like you've got all this figured out I'm gonna go, see you at school or wherever you are next."
" You know that my men control all the security system and they see everything."
" Good then, they'll get to see me leave." I turn around and begin to walk out of the door, but I'm met by two guards. One of them I met earlier.

Ah shit, I'm screwed now.

I throw my head back and sit back down- this isn't gonna go well.

As I sit down I secretly take my phone out and ring Clarke but I keep it on silent just so she can hear everything. I just hope that she answers.
" So why'd you go in the closet, meeting someone?" He sniggers
" Not an interrogation if your answering your own questions." I wink .

I could be here a long time if Clarke doesn't figure something out.
C'mon  Clarke.
I need to stall I just hope Clarke can get me out of this.

Clarke's POV:

I grab my rucksack off the roof( with all my guns in) and then my phone goes off, what could Bellamy of possibly done. Without saying a word I listen to the phone and hear Kane talking. I can't believe him. Kane works at A.R.K.Org And he was obviously put to fill a teachers position at school to keep an eye on me without me knowing ( obviously not working ) and then put into the police force to try and find me easier. But this can't go on record because no one should no about the ARK so I don't know how he's planning to do this. but I have the upper hand because whatever happens can't be dealt using the police.

I listen to Kane asking Bellamy multiple questions but he's dodging them perfectly. I'm impressed. I'm going in to get Bellamy and no one can say anything about it. I place my phone onto the ground so I can still here all words said and open my rucksack-everything's there. I take out a single pistol and my combat knife placing the knife up my sleeve and the gun behind my back, tucked into my top.easy to reach. I throw the rucksack over my shoulder and head down the stairs being careful. I've turned off my phone because I can hear their conversation from the walls. Now I'm standing right around the corner.

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