Enough room?

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Octavia's POV:

We all turn our heads as a crowd of presumably familiar (too Clarke) walks in. I thought they would have walked straight past me but they don't and stand by my side instead.

" Abby??" I see a glance from Clarke from across the room.

She nods to me briefly with that same man she's always with at her side.

"She's right." Abby begins making room for herself to talk, " Ali's dead so what your doing now, to these kids, is all free choice. HE doesn't have control of us. Not anymore." She shouts- wow she's a good crowd speaker.

The guards around us begin to look at each other undecided on what to do- they have no idea.

" You have a choice now," the male says," But whatever you decide you change whether you walk out of this door alive or in a body bag."

" Stand Down." A young woman appears from the crowd of guards.

She's astonishingly gorgeous, with her wavy red hair moulding into a spec of fierce yellow. Her dark eyes would kill if you looked at them, as her lips are shades of a dark brown. The woman wears skin-tight leather pants with a grey vest top with a matching biker jacket- she carries a sword in her left hand also.

she's in front of the guards- obviously their leader- she looks me up and down then turns to Abby.

" Take a picture, it'll last longer" I say raising an eyebrow

Ignoring me she talks to Abby," My soldiers have been trained at my level, you can't beat me."

" Luna, your not chipped, you don't-"

" I was never chipped!" She says showing us the mark where she clawed it out," this is of my free will. I believe in this." She says with her head high

" You believe into turning children into robots." I say

" I believe in protecting the people who need it." She argues back

" You'd be causing more damage Luna, this is wrong." Kane joins in

" This is what Clarke stood for" I say

" STANDS!! I'm not dead yet." I hear she shout.

" Not yet." Luna replies looking at me; I step forward and an arm holds me back: Abby's.

" You think you can beat me??" Luna laughs



" Prove it." She says confidently; Abby steps between us.

" Grow up. The both of you." She snaps

" She's got your daughter and my brother over there." I point

" Octavia-"

" Abby, we can take these down. I know we can." I say desperately before turning to the guards surrounding us.

" Make a choice now. Leave while breathing or stay, honor this wrong thing and fight me, fight us."

" There's only one way they're walking out of that door. In a body bag." Luna shouts, gaining control over her soldiers.

" Let's hope you can fight Octavia, you got what you wanted." Abby says dismissively

What the fuck have you done.

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