Coffee rounds

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Clarke's POV:

The 6 of us place ourselves on the sofas( Me, Bellamy, Octavia, Raven, Jasper and Monte) to talk about the whole recording and to figure out our next step- we'll fill the others in later.

" Before we start any confusing stuff Clarke you gonna have to tell us about ARKOrg." Octavia says," We need to be able to understand who's in charge and that stuff."
" Yeah yeah ok. Right." I begin

" Actually Raven.. can you get started on putting  the remains from the bottle back together, remember you have to get the shape exact." I hand her the bag
" Yeah. I'll get started on it now." She says taking the bag and heads to the basement
" BELLAMY YOU GOT A SOLDERING IRON DOWN HERE??" She shouts from the basement downstairs
" THANKYOU." She replies up the stairs.

" Right Clarke tell us.." Octavia says and I begin talking.
" So. At the ARK there is ranks and different levels of who has power but the person overall in charge is called a Founder well was: Cedrick ARK- hence the name ARK, and don't laugh at it."
" What do you mean was??" Bellamy asks
" I'll get on to that." I say
" Then you had second in charge, incase Cedrick died. Jaha was his second but since Cedrick was murdered Jaha is now in charge but he's called Chancellor because he isn't a founding member of the company so the name is Chancellor Jaha."
" Ok I get that." Jasper says
" So after your second/ Chancellor you have your council members: which are Ali, Pike, Abby, Kane and Jake( my dad) Ali and Pike always wanted more- they wanted power basically even though they already had it but they wanted to be at the top."
" So no offense how does this involve you?" Monte asks

" I was training, and I was 14 at the time, I had just came back from an assignment I overheard Ali and Pike talking about murdering the Founder so I told my mom because she's on the council, she said I was lying, that they'd never do something like that. She obviously couldn't keep quiet and told my dad who was also on the council. He wanted to tell Jaha,she disagreed.  instead my dad went to Pike himself and confronted him....2 days later my dad was found dead from a misused shotgun incident."
" Not a coincidence then." Jasper says
" Clarke where are you on this scale??" Monte asks
" Well after the council members you get Leaders they aren't important but Bellamy, Roan was one, the guys you killed." I say," Then after the leaders it goes down to Specialized Forces- I was in there along with Lexa, Wells and this girl called Emori."
" There's more?? Bellamy says tiredly
" After that it's just normal recruits." I say sighing," That's basically the scale, Jaha at the top and me at the bottom."
" Thank god for that then." Jasper laughs but no one else does.
" So tell me if I'm wrong but When you were at the Ark, after Jaha became chancellor. I'm guessing Ali began whispering things in Jaha's ear telling him to do this and that. And he began to trust her." Bellamy says- bullseye
" Yep." I answer
" Hang on. So is Jaha working with Ali and Pike without the chip then unlike the rest of them?" Octavia asks leaning forward
" Possibly, Ali gave him a motive to want me taken back Alive."
" Woah, what-??" Monte asks
" Wells..that's his motive" I begin
" You mean the guy on the specialized forces with you." Bellamy asks
" Yeah... we were put on an assignment together and I swear to God Pike was there, following us. Basically we were sent to Russia to kill some guy to disable a bomb. We got there and we killed him but I Swear...swear Pike was there following us. I-I had the man cornered, we both did Wells and I." I stutter and my voice quickens until Bellamy puts a hand on my leg.
" Take your time princess." He says soothingly
" We er we had him. The man, everything was done perfectly- we were meant to get him to disable the bomb and then kill him. Things happened, I er I got him to do it. And I checked it- I swear to God that Bomb was disabled and he didn't have any others I'm positive. And then Wells goes into another room and a bomb goes off... he died, he was murdered." My eyes well up," I I saw him. I saw Pike leave the room before-hand but I wasn't sure it was him until after I got back to the ARK."
" What happened when you got back??" Bellamy says keeping a firm grip on my knee
" I was in fits, crying for nights at a time, when Jaha first became Chancellor he moved me up a rank to a leader. I came back and told them, Jaha was a mess and rightly so, it's his son, out of curiosity I asked where Pike was they said he wasn't there.I grew curious"
" But I got caught by Ali, and she and Pike plotted it all against me. Pinned Wells' murder on me,when it was Pike, I got the blame. 100cuts and in violated hold, lost my place on the board all together. It was my mom who got me off the death penalty."
" Clarke..." Octavia starts but I cut her off
" Anyways that became Jaha's motive, he still thinks it's true so I think he's doing it out of free will. I suspect they want me alive so they can kill me." I say
" Okay well I'm off for some more coffee anyone else??" Jasper says and we all ask for one.

Eventually he returns and our conversation hits the play button.

" So now that we are all caught up in Clarke's ARKOrg do we kill the bitch and the bastard." Bellamy asks taking a sip of coffee.
" GUYS!!" Raven shouts as she piles through the living room door.
" I DID IT!! I pieced it together!!" She smiles widely
" Lets get moving then." I say with a smile

Without another passing moment we all find ourselves in the basement while I go to Octavia's bedroom and find my 'suitcase'. I previously went back beforehand to get it.
I pull it from O's bed and carry it down the stairs into the basement where I carefully place it on the table..
" What's that??" Bellamy asks as he makes his way over
" I'll show you." I reply and the others come over as well, curiosity wins.

Turning it on its side, I press my thumb against the padlock screen and after a few seconds it clicks open.

Wait till they see their face of what's inside.

Hmm wonder what Bellamys reaction will be???

Lol I posted twice today just because I can 💞

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