Time is more precious than ever

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[A/N: just incase nobody understood the last chapter- Clarke has been tested in different situations, her 10th test made her think she had been there 2 years so Pike could see how she handles it.]

Bellamy's POV:

After a much needed rest, I eyes open themselves up and I head straight for the bathroom, already wide awake.

As the cold water runs along my body, new and old thoughts have conversations in my head:

What if Clarke isn't alive when we get there?? Or even worse....is there worse-
Bellamy you HAVE to stop over-thinking seriously.
Well I'd rather overthink and not get myself or the others killed for not thinking enough.
Are you really arguing with yourself right now??
No wonder Octavia is always pissed at you for talking out loud.

Eventually i realize I've went completely off topic and I exit the bathroom before starting World War III in my head.

As long as you find her you'll be okay. Just stop worrying, where's the man inside you- YOU ALREADY ARE FUCKING WORRIED ABOUT CLARKE- Ok your gonna give yourself a headache shouting g at yourself.

The others tell me they gave me a whole night to sleep, I'm pissed but at the same time I'm not- they were only thinking about me. Let's just hope it doesn't effect Clarke's life or anything.

" You guys ready then??" I ask desperately

" Yep, we got things last night." Murphy says smugly- fuck it what did he do now

" Murphy.." I warn what already may be too late," What? Jasper and I may have took some things from Clarke's suitcase." He smirks

" Wait her suitcase?" I ask.

Oh my god I can't believe I didn't think of this before.

" Please tell me you brung the laptop." I sigh

" Well obviously, hav you seen that thing it's like a porn network. Well it could be."
Jasper goes quiet as Octavia let's out a laugh

" Clarke put tracking devices in all of us remember, including her own." I say smiling widely

" Bellamy that's brilliant!!" Monte shouts running and quickly returning with the laptop.

" We can find her Bell." O says hopefully.

" You couldn't have thought of it three months ago??" Murphy asks

" I didn't know you had this three months ago?" I reply as Jasper gets the page up.

We're coming Clarke. We're Coming.

" You found her?" I ask pacing the room quickly

" It's loading." Raven sighs as her and Jasper stare into the computer, sitting on couch.

" Here!" Jasper almost shouts. I run beside him and squeeze myself in.

" That's her?? The blue dot...in a cafe." I ask confused

" Maybe she's not hurt...maybe she's just working." Octavia suggests.

Her optimism will probably kill her one day.

" Well lets go find her then...where is she??" I ask standing up and grabbing my coat

" Some cafe called Charlottes." Jasper replies

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