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Bellamy's POV:

I reach Clarke's apartment and immediately I go straight to her flat. Quickly, I find myself at the foot of her caved-in door, the marks at the base of the door at footprints...someone kicked their way in here. I step over it and begin to look around. Not wanting to think about it

The front door connected to the sitting room which was previously neat and tidy (I presume. I don't remember being here because I was told that I was mortal and Clarke had to bring me home) For starters....There's one chair and a bigger sofa that could probably fit three people; the chair has been flipped over and the sofa is.....tilted. Whoever was here was looking for something?? There's a Glass,coffee table which has been smashed to bits on the floor, shattering glass everywhere and draws have been pulled out aswell.

I make my way across the room carefully trying to avoid glass and went into the next room which is the kitchen: all the draws have been pulled out, this person or people were really thorough looking for something, trash covered the floor and once again I make my way into her bedroom hoping to not find her dead body on the bed. Shit? Where actually is Clarke??  As I reach the door, it's stuck and unable to open. What the fuck?? I push the door harder but it doesn't move, somethings blocking it on the other side?? Did Clarke try and trap herself or even protect herself in her own room?

I take a few yards back and then run at the door using all the strength I have and the door flies open revealing the weight stopping the door from opening before...a bed. She had it leaned on the door, impossible to get in. I stand there for a moment admiring her work of protection but then get back to looking all her draws and cupboards were open as well as her wardrobe. Half her clothes and stuff is gone. Is she leaving?? Wait no. I walk into her bathroom and punch the wall in anger.

Where the hell is she?? This is fucking creepy. I mean she's been here 4 days and she's what? Been kidnapped. Murdered. Ran away. Or is this one of those big pranks they pull on tv nowadays. As I'm looking in the mirror I glance at the air vent above the toilet and see a strand of Clarke's hair attached to it. O my god. She crawled through the air vent- She's so smart no wonder she 'vanished' I open up the air vent and use the torch on my phone to look through, there's a path of blood leading through it....she's bleeding or was. I'm not sure. I'm too big to fit through so I use the stairs and go onto the roof.

After looking around it there's no sign of her......wait. I run towards the faint ruffled stones on the edge of the roof.she jumped. But it's only cars down there she'd die. Clarke's Dead. There's no way in hell she's survived that. What was going on in her life that she didn't tell us? None of this makes any sense!!! I kick the ground and stay there for a while before eventually leaving to go back to Octavia.

Back at the house.....

" You were gone forever Bell where were you...and er Wheres the pizza?"
" I had to go all over town but they were shut at traffic was bad"
" 2hours bad?" Does she ever stop?? Well she's my sister so I guess not.....
" Yes Octavia, 2 hours. If you came you would have known. Just order in, I'll be in my room if you need me." I mutter, I shouldn't talk to her like that but I can't think straight. Not now

I collapse onto my bed and 1million questions find their way to my head: where is Clarke?? Is she ok? Why is her flat trashed? Why is she bleeding? did she jump?? Or was she taken? Or is she even dead?? This is ridiculous I shouldn't be thinking about this I'm a teenager for god sake I should be worrying about grades and friends and parties not losing my fucking head over a girl who I just met who could be dead!!

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