Moving fast

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(AN: This is taken from Clarke's POV from when Octavia rings them telling them about the teachers in the school and that they need to get out)

Clarke's POV:

We're just about the weigh the remains of the specs of black pieces.

Octavias been gone for about 20minutes, she should have gotten to Jasper now, we need him- I'm pulled from my thoughts of when Bellamy's phone starts ringing.

" Who's that??" I ask a bit frustrated
" No idea!" He replies as he takes out his phone," It's Octavia??"
" Answer it." I say quickly, less annoyed.

" Bell??" We hear quietly
" Yeah ? O why isn't Jasper here yet?" He asks Her
She must have told him to put her on speaker because now he's got his phone on the table and we're all gathered around.
"...Ok we're all listening now can you please tell us."
" There's gotta be a teachers meeting on or something because about 6 teachers have just walked in the school and I don't know where they're going. Are you's nearly finished??"

Shit. We are no where near done, oh my god I can't believe it.

" No, we're not." Monte answers
" You's need to get out now." She whispers but then she cuts us off.

" What do we do??" I ask but my focus is on Bellamy: he's panicking.
" Why did she end it?" He asks, ignoring my previous question
" Incase she got caught but we've gotta pack all this up." I answer quickly.
" Ok." Monte says," Clarke write down the weight and remember that black stuff we'll just have to do the rest at home. Bellamy help me tidy up."

Monte seems to know what he's doing better than I do. So I just listen to him.

After we've got everything we need and placed all the stuff we used back we get ready to leave. To my surprise it's relatively easy and before I know it Monte, Bellamy and I are all in the car with Japser and Raven who were already there waiting for us. Like before, me and Bellamy in the front and the others in the back waiting for Octavia.

" Where the hell is Octavia?" Bellamy says hitting the wheel in frustration.
" Hey." I say calmly resting my hand on his arm, " she'll be here in a sec. Trust her." I say widening my eyes as he turns to look at me while he drowns in his fears.
" I do. But she's my sister, my responsibility." I nod barely knowing what to say
" But then your her brother which also makes you her responsibility. Bellamy I haven't known you guys for long but in the time I have known you's.....Octavia is grown up."
" I don't care....she's all I've got what if they catch her? Or I don't know." His voice trails off
" You trust her, I trust her...she'll be out she probably already is."
He goes to reply but he stops when his phone goes off.

" It's Octavia.." He says hesitantly
" Well answer it." I say smiling reassuringly

"Hey Bellamy." She says on speaker
" Octavia where the hell are you." He says angrily but I can hear the worry in it
" I'm Coming to the car now, chill" she then hangs up and both Bellamy and I sigh with relief

" I told you." I say
" Yeah yeah I know." He replies but he's a bit angry.
" I'm gonna go into the back so you's can talk it out ok"
" You don't have to.." He asks, he wants me in the front?? I'm Smiling so fucking much right now on the inside. But I have to.
" I need to." And he understands and I climb though into the back to join Raven, Jasper and Monte.

Bellamy's POV:

About 10 minutes later Octavia stumbles into the passengers seat. I don't want to get angry.
" Do you want to explain O??" I say trying to hide myself gritting my teeth
" Explain what??" She says innocently- definitely my sister.
" Hmm, why it took you so long to get Jasper.." I say wanting to get to the point " I told you..teachers were there.." She whines
" Well we never saw any.." I reply my voice getting quieter
" I've got proof!!" She al past shouts," Clarke you'll wanna hear this." She says so Clarke can hear from the back
" Not here.." Clarke says and I immediately catch on," Bell can you take us to yours??" She asks me. Wait what.

She Called me Bell. She never calls be Bell. I like it....I really like it?

The ride was slow and quiet to my house but we eventually got there.

All 6 of us stumble through the front door eager to hear what Octavia caught off record and soon enough we're all gathered around the bench Leaning over, in a huddle just before she is about to press play.

" O hurry up." I sigh
" Fine fine ok." She says ,placing her phone on the table- centered to us.

It begins to play,"Theloneious...," before a brief pause, I don't recognized the voice, maybe Clarke will?? But we don't hear the rest," Will we find her??" A different woman speaks properly and Clarke immediately stops the recording and she looks as if she's gonna be sick.
" Clarke??" I ask cautiously," Are you ok." I place an arm on her shoulder; after she backed away from the counter.
" That was my mom." She breathes.
" What? Oh my god Clarke." Octavia says.
" Come on let's just carry on with it I'll try to tell you who the rest are." She says wiping a brief tear from her eye as she takes her position again but I still look at her. I can't stop, no stop.

I press play on the phone again and another woman starting talking," We will." She says but Raven pauses it again and says loudly
" That's Ali!" Clarke stares at her wide eyed.
" How do you know??" She asks scared
" When she was controlling me all I heard was this voice and that's it. It's Ali." Raven says
" Yeah it is." She agrees
" Wait, Clarke they're taking about you aren't they?" I speak up, she nods
" Let's just carry on." She says
" And when we do??" A male voice intervenes on the recording
" Kane. That's Kane." I say and everyone agrees
" Well we shall give her the choice." A man speaks out
" Pike." She says in disgust
" Okay...." O days before pressing the recording again
" And if she declines." We all recognize Jaha's voice
" We have not yet come to a decision but we will, and you all will stand by us." That was this Ali person who screwed with Raven's head
" Yes." All four say. And it ends there,

We all make our way over to the sofa and to probably have a long talk about it. This will probably confuse me even more.

Ok so please bare with me, I know this Chapter isn't amazing but I never really planned on this story being so long haha xxx

Love you all💞

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