Plan B

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Bellamys POV:

I never thought that looking inside the cafe would work so I came up with another plan....we're going through the back door.

" Follow me." I whisper to the group of others- Murphy then pulls up with his new girl.

" Murphy not the time." Raven says sternly

" Jealous Raven?" He sniggers and she rolls her eyes

" Murphy you can't bring her" I say sighing

" Her has a name." The girl calls out to me, I'm taken back a bit by her confidence- then again Murphy likes her.

" No offense but you have no idea, what we're doing and we don't need you either."
Octavia says harshly

" So you don't want help finding Clarke??" She says amused and Murphy's smirk widens
As well as my eyes

" What??" I almost whisper

" Its Emori." She says

" How do you know about...what we're doing??" I ask bewildered.

" Me and her go back a little."  She says pulling up her black jeans a little and straightening down her grey tucked-in tee-shirt.

" Clarke and I went to ARKOrg together." She says as if it's nothing.

YES, oh my god. FUCK IT YES. Finally some good news on our side.

" Hold on." Raven says looking at Emori

" What now, come on Raven she knows where Clarke is??" I ask annoyed

" Have you been chipped??" Raven asks her, shit I should have thought of that.

" Does it look like it." She asks

Emori turns around, lifting her hair from the back of her neck up to reveal a scar, an ugly one if that, to give us our answer.

" Geez, you pulled that out." Octavia says completely changing her tone towards her

" Well, Lexa did. All three of us got out together but had to split for our own safety, I went to Australia and I have no idea where she went- Lexa, couldn't do it and went back in. I just wish I had friends who cared for me enough to come over here for me." She says with a sad tone- first bit of emotion I've seen out of the girl.

" We could chit chat shit all day or we could actually find Clarke then go home." Monte says seriously

" Lead the way Emori." I say as we begin to make our departure.

She has us through the doors and hopped a fence around the back of the building.  Now, we're standing in what you could call a back garden of the small cafe but really it's just a piece of grass with fence surrounding, attached to the cafe's wall.

" I don't see Clarke?" Octavia says sternly and I roll my eyes at her

" Yeah, neither do I. We're not even inside yet." Emori tells us sarcastically.

" How do we get inside? We'v looked around all of New Orleans- managed to get here and we presumed it's under ground." I say proudly

" Look at that, you's aren't all that stupid." She says sarcastically again.

" Up here." She says touching a pipe that goes all the way up to the roof- about 20ft.

" You expect us to get up there. Look Emily is it? I can't even climb a up a rope in PE  never mind a pipe." Jasper says laughing as Monte slaps him on the back as a ground best friend.

" Just follow my lead and you'll be up there in no time." She says in a different tone: nice?

She then begins to scoot up the pipe with the others following after her, soon enough we're all on the rooftop

" Hang on i Thought it was underground??" Lincolns asks as we all sit on the rooftop together.

" It is." She says and walks over to the chimney

" We're going down that??" Octavia says disapprovingly

The hole itself of regularly large- big enough for all of us to fit in atleast.

" You's are going to have to be careful on the way down, you'll have to slide. Leaning your back against it and using your feet on the other side for support." She says looking at Jasper

" Why bring us up though if we have to go back down??" Monte asks

" Well were you gonna climb in the fire pit in the cafe, people would give you strange looks." She says as if it's obvious before swinging her legs over the mouth of the chimney.

Still having her back to us she begins to ramble a bit.
" Look I'll look up when you can come down, the person behind me do the same and so on, make sure you have a big enough gap."

" Yes ma'am." Jasper laughs but immediately stops after the change of mood.

" Right then, we better get going." Emori says.

" Emori," I wait until she turns around," Thankyou for this." I say with gratitude

" Yeah, I hope you find her." She says quietly

And with that she disappears into the chimney and we all look down at her scouting herself downwards. She stops abruptly, making sure we follow behind her. I decide to go down last just so I know that everyone gets down fine.

Clarke's POV:

Two years, it's been two years. Does he even remember my name?? I know I remember his- Bellamy Blake. I wonder what he's doing, what he made out of his life.

The metal door slides open,awakening me from my mind and my mom walks in-

huh she hasn't aged one bit. But she's still chipped- everyone but me it's probably because Ally needs everyone thing done when the pain is still there

" Clarke??" My mom seats herself opposite me right on the edge of the bed but I look right past her, not even acknowledging the fact she's there.

" I want my baby back." She says in a cry.

" I don't even no what's real." I mumble

" This is real Clarke." She says with a saddened look in her eyes

" It will be real when that chip is out of your head." I say in return; she leaves me alone and the room.

You know.

I'm wide awake but I feel like I'm living this nightmare, but I gave up on dreaming.

This is real and there's no way out of it. Not this time.

Bellamys POV:

We're taking refuge in Emoris old room, it's got no cameras so we'll be okay hiding in here, we've been told this section of the place is abandoned.

The others are currently, either snacking or sleeping.

An arm on my back wins curiosity and I turn to see my little sister taking a seat next to me on the small sofa.

" Hey big brother." She says quietly

" Hey." I say forcing a small smile.

" When are we going to go look for her?" She asks obviously stressed

" Soon. I hope." I drop my head in disbelief and she wraps her arms around me while I just stare into space.

We stay like that for a while.

I guess I finally fall into a dreamless sleep.

Ok so it's currently 1:20 in the morning and I can't sleep so here a chapter
Enjoy Xx

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