Waking up

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The next morning....

Clarke's POV:

I wake to the sound of a shower running. At first....I savor the moment:of being in a warm,comfortable bed; of having a good nights sleep; of.... Wait. Where am I?? The is isn't my bed. My eyes thoroughly scan the large room, a boys room. A clean white sizable bedroom. The strangers bed has a double bed with deep sea blue covers and the smell of Pine floods my nose, drowning me which is ironic because this sort is pleasure, this kind of drowning is pleasure. Returning back to reality( which sucks btw), I sit up- wincing a little. Where is that pain coming from?? I search myself looking for an answer. I reach my thigh and there's a huge gash on it about 3inch deep, I can't see the depth but I can feel it. Instead a blanket of clean bandages covers it but not concealing the pain it causes me. Stitches produce a path across my temple and I'm buried in bruises head-to-toe.... Stop whining, grow up. It's not that bad, you've had worse. Gently, I rest my head on the headboard behind me and close my eyes- no matter the countless hours of sleep I steal it'll never replay the days of it I have lost over the years- although I do try.

Wait a second.. I still don't know where I am. I could be...what if I'm back in Orlando. Blood rushes to my head and a panic begins to formI-i remember that they found me and I. Was on the roof. Lexa had herself and guards surrounded me so I jumped..... I don't regret it . I could be in custody right now.. I remember waking up...in the hospital but it's blurry- The memory I was being taking to surgery and I remember waking up in a bed with someone talking to me but. I can't remember anything after.

What did I get myself into.

I let out a sigh and pull myself together to climb out of the luxurious bed- still only wearing the hospital gown that ends just above the knee- I use the wall to walk to the door for support. This is gonna be hard. Ok ok one step at a time. Here we go. The coldness of the wooden floor sends chills through my spine as I step out the door into the hallway, a long rectangular room is revealed. There's a door about 10yards in front of me, I walk towards it...well limp, very badly. The door shows a room, a girls room- beautiful in size. But I keep walking and find a bathroom but without a shower. Eventually I come to the stairs. I breath heavily and slowly taking in all the oxygen I can, using the banister I begin to make my way down the stairs-making a horrific noise. Way to go Clarke wake the whole house up.

I reach the bottom and begin to wonder around hopelessly. I find myself in a kitchen..what was that!? A sizzling noise enters my ears and the smell of fresh food to my nose-ahhh. I find myself drowning once again- I wish real drowning felt like this. Ok. Focus. I take a knife from the kitchen unit, holding it in my right hand, I make my way to the strange noise. I approach the back of a man who seems to be standing by a pan. Quicker than a blink, he turns around and freezes as I do. Shit.

" Bellamy?? When did I get here?" I'm confused- of course. I'm in his house.
" Why don't you put down the knife Clarke and I'll explain."
I slowly place the knife on the table and I take a seat. I don't like this I think to myself I don't like being vulnerable and weak.
" So do you like eggs??"
"Um yeah. Yes please." I force a smile
" I guess it was Octavia in the shower that woke you."
"Yeah, it was but it doesn't matter." He places the eggs I front of me with sausage, bacon and beans
"How'd you know?" I smile a little at him placing my favorite breakfast I front of me
" Well your friends with Octavia and if you didn't like this, you wouldn't be friends." He laughs.mi really like his lau- FOCUS. God Clarke.
" Hm." I say," how'd I end up here?" I ask Returning to the main question
" We brought you. What do you remember??" Remember??
" Well I was in my apartment and.... I-er I fell, I guess I just got unlucky, then I was in hospital and then nothing." Obviously I remember a bit more but I can't tell him some stuff. 
" So you don't remember practical screams and shouting you needed to get out or they'd take you back?" My eyes widen a little, why the hell did you say that what were you thinking...well I wouldn't know because I don't remember!!!!
" Did I say that." My voice goes dry
" Yeah you did and I'm sure that you didn't do that by falling Clarke," referring to the gash on my thigh,"You were terrified last night so tell me." He pulls a chair up next to me and looks at me.
" I fell, I was drunk and." He interrupts me
" No you didn't Clarke, you were scared to death by those doctors. What happened there did they."
" What no!! It it's just that I don't know."
" You do know you just don't want to tell me"
" Trust me I want to but if I do it could ruin everything ." Watch it.
" Clarke I saw your apartment, someone broke in and you escaped by the bathroom using the air vent and got onto the roof." What the
" Yes. I did. That's what happens when people care about Clarke" He's so calm" How'd you know about the air end." I ask more relaxed
" You left marks and blood in the air vent Clarke so I know what you did. I don't know why but you did."
I look down, how do I lie about this?? He knows so much but I can't tell him. If the ARK find out, they'll kill him he already knows too much.
" You have to talk to me Clarke"
" I know but I..... I'm gonna go freshen up." I'm gonna put this off for as long as possible

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