Vampire and Slayer-(10 Sunday School)

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This is a characteristic and revieling chapter. you get to learn people's true feelings and why they are the way they are. I got too architectually creative with Ben's house by the way. Lo siento.

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Chapter 10

Sunday School

The room I walked into was jungle-like. It was fairly empty, but still amazing. In every corner there were ceiling high bamboo shoots. The leaves and vines reached across the walls glued down by some force I couldn't see from a far. Behind the plants, the walls were painted light green, the same shade as the carpet in the middle of the wooden floor.

In the left corner farthest from Ben's room was a bamboo rocking chair on a bamboo mat. In the right on another mat was a waist high book shelf. In the left corner nearest me sat a water fall. Water fell from a bamboo spout into a pool only to fall out of another bamboo spout and into another pool.

On the walls nailed in between the leaves there were pictures of the forest, I guessed that in Ben's back yard. I moved over to each one of them to examine the art work. I knew Ben had taken all of these pictures. How? I do not know. It was just like a six-sense.

The right corner nearest the room was a wooden door that had no bamboo on it. I put my ear to the door and heard the sound of the shower then left so not to intrude. There was another door in the center of that wall, but I ignored it. The far wall had a large six by eight door way but no door. Instead, obviously, there were little pieces of bamboo strung into curtains blocking off the next room. I moved towards it.

Timidly, and carefully, I stuck a hand between the dividers and gently parted them. The next room I walked into was even more outstanding than the last. It was a living room. There was a bright yellow leather sofa with a white blanket over the back in the middle. The blanket had bright yellow daffodils on it. On each side of the couch was a white wooden side table. The one on the left had lamp on it whose shade was shaped like a daffodil. The one on the right just had a vase full of the bright flowers that decorated the blanket.

The walls were yellow, as was the ceiling, and the thick fluffy carpet beneath the sofa. The wooden floor, however, was white. The walls had chest high planters with daffodils in them running in a line around how much of the room that they could.

The sofa faced a large white entertainment center that took up the entire wall. The yellow T.V. was four feet tall, at least, and nearly five feet wide. I gawked at it, impressed. Ben never failed to surprise me. The matching surround sound system speakers were in the top of every corner, and the also matching stereo, VCR, DVD player, and satellite Television box decorated the wooden entertainment center.

I glanced around, looking to see if the remotes were inconveniently painted yellow too, but discovered that, thankfully, they were a shiny green color that made me think they were glow in the dark.

The wall opposite the electronics was a white wooden door that I approached. There was another one on the wall opposite the door way I had come through, but I decided to go through that one second. Feeling slightly intimidated I hesitated before putting my hand on the door. When I did, however, I felt more confident.

I wrenched the door open excitedly. Inside was a long, wide room every wall completely covered by shelves; shelves holding VHS's, DVD's, and endless amounts of CD's. The CD's dominated two walls. I was very impressed. I walked along each wall, sluggishly, reading every one of the thousands of titles.

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