Vampire and Slayer-(21 There Are Others Out There)

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Chapter 21

There Are Others Out There

"Good morning Ben. This is your 6 AM Eastern time wakeup call, courtesy of your father," Franz said, tapping Ben's feet.

"Damn my father," Ben moaned, not opening his eyes. I rubbed his shoulder, trying to rouse him.

"Ben," I whispered.

"Shhh. Maybe if we're quiet he'll go away," he whispered, digging his face into the pillow.

"Ben, I'm not going anywhere so you might as well get up." Franz seemed amused.

"Motivate me," he muttered and squinched his eyes shut.

"You're fathers coming up the stairs to eat your girlfriend."

"Somehow, I don't believe you," Ben said, but rolled out of bed anyways.

Once we were both dressed we headed downstairs to meet Mr. Bloodworth and to get something to eat before training. I was wearing black skinny jeans, a dark red backless three quarters sleeve leotard, and dark red flat boots. Since I had expanded my wardrobe to real clothes I had found that I really had a liking for the use of black and red as staple colors. Ben was perfect as ever in a tight black tshirt and not too skinny skinny jeans. With a deep breath and my hair pulled back into a pony tail, bangs all over my face, I headed to the elevator with Ben's hand in mine.

Before we had left I had gone into Ben's room and asked him if he had brought any venom. I had told him that I had a headache and that I thought that any incapacitation would be extremely unhelpful, but that wasn't entirely true. Reckon my head was hurting slightly from anxiety, but mostly I wanted to have as much of his venom in my system as possible, just in case I was right about my theory. I needed to be as acute and ready as possible.

"Sure," he had said, and walked over to his bag, pulling out a little wooden box. He had opened it up and pulled out a one ounce bottle and tossed it to me, then shoved it back in his bag.

"Thanks," I had said, and then he had gone into the bathroom. When the water was running for his tooth brushing I had slipped over to his bag and opened the box, carefully watching the closed bathroom door. Inside was over a dozen bottles. I had quickly pulled out three, taking the two ounce bottles. Before closing it I had noticed something, a small glass bottle stopped with a cork. It had been filled with red liquid that looked startling like blood. Something about it had shaken me with vague recollection but I had been unable to pinpoint what about it.

The water shut off then, so I had rapidly closed the box and pushed in back between his shirts. I had walked over to the door, shoving the bottles of venom between my breasts, although considering their size and the spandex of the leotard, that had done very little to conceal them. I was halfway out the door when he had come out of the bathroom.

"Be right back. I'm going to go grab chapstick," I had said, only turning my head. He had nodded, seeming a little distracted.

Once the bottles were tucked inside my bag, I had skipped back over to his room to head downstairs.

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