Vampire and Slayer-(5 Andrew)

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Wahooo. And here he comes people....

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Song: She Think's My Tractor's Sexy by Kenny Chesney (I hate country, but when I was little it was my favorite song and it took me back to my roots as does this chapter.)

This is Ben. Obviously he wouldnt have a tatoo, but the guy was perfect.


Chapter 5


I guess you could call this morning a good one. When I woke up, I realized that I had not had a nightmare last night, even with the information that I had received from a small coven of people I did not enjoy having to allow to live for the time being.

When I went to the mirror, my hair wasn't too unmanageable, and the dark circles beneath my eyes were lighter. My irises were a nice brown, a result of actually getting sleep. I got dressed in black for the first time since I started school.

My pants were tight leather that was laced up the sides, closing entirely, and tied in the front instead of zipping. I ran my hand up my thigh, sleek and smooth. I loved the feel of leather. It was calming and enticing. The smell of it was just as wonderful. I checked the knees quickly for scuffs, and then pulled off my t-shirt satisfied.

I went through all of my tops critiquing each and every one. I almost put on a black polyester tank top with ribbons tied on the shoulders, bunching up the wide straps. However, a black corset with one and half inch straps, red lace fringing all of the edges, and laces holding it closed in the back rated higher on a scale of perfectness.

All of the ties, those on my pants and on the corset, were large, plushy, red satin ribbons, that were tied in big bows with little v's cut into the tips.

After lotioning my feet considerably, I pulled on solid black boots with six inch heels. I then darted into the bathroom to style my hair. I brushed it for three minutes exactly, then wondered how much ribbon I had, bought to replace that on my clothing, stored in my dresser. I judged the length of my hair and made the approximated guess of two and a half feet.

I retrieved the ribbon, unwound it, the held it up to my hair. It was only four feet long. I considered that then cut it in half. About ten minutes later, I had my hair out of its side part and into a middle one. With the assistance of a bottle of leave-in conditioner, a tight bristled comb, and a brush, I got it into even pigtails which I preceded to braid. Before I began braiding, I shoved each of the ribbons into the middle of the pony tail and prayed they would stay there. To my oddly positive luck, they did.

When there was about four inches left on each ribbon, I tied off the braid with a hair tie, and covered up the crossed when I cut off the leftovers and tied them into bows around the tiny protective pieces of metal. They would still work their magic, but unseen.

I was wearing six bows and I wondered if that was too many. No, seven was my lucky number. I needed one more so I fished through my little box of a pathetically small amount of jewelry and delightfully settled for a red ribbon with a cross on the front and bow on the back of the neck. Good, that would make up for the cross I was missing. I was not wearing a belt today so I was down one amulet.

For the final touch, I moved my stuff into a black leather purse that had a plushy red ribbon for the strap, but no bows.

I felt like I was over doing it, but today was going so well, it should be rewarded. I slide on my black leather jacket and skipped downstairs.

Mrs. Millon frowned at my clothes, but did not say anything regarding them, thinking that might lead me to take off while she was gone. I knew that would not happen, but if that possibility kept her quiet, then she could believe it. It would be nice to have no one considering nagging at me for almost six days. I reveled in what I might do in all of the quietness I would have. Hunt, for sure. And maybe I would look into who this 'Unusual One' was. But then again, maybe not. I did not want to go looking for more trouble than I could handle on my own, and if I was left in the road, bloody and beaten, who would take me to the hospital?

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