Vampire and Slayer-(24 Impact)

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Here's the last one!!!! 

This is the beginning of Part 4 BTW!!!!! 


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Part 4 

Chapter 24 


"Fairy!" I screamed at Ben. "Fairy! We have to go back for Fairy! She was....bitten..." 

"She's fine," He repeated for the millionth time. "I left her with Annayal. She's going to help her thorough this." 

"BEN! Let me help my friend! Please!"  

"No. you have enough to deal with already," his jaw set and he stubbornly sped up.  

He was right. Any moment the real impact could set in and I would go insane. Fairy had enough problems right now. She didn't need to deal with mine. "She has to finish the transformation. She has to. It will save her and...I can't remember his name." My brain went dead.  

Nothing made sense anymore. Why was Ben running? There were people that needed to be helped back there! They needed to be helped! Not me! Why couldn't I think straight! Where were we going? What was happening in twelve days? Why was my brain a jumble of nothingness? 

I couldn't sleep and couldn't think. Time inched by but soon enough the stars appeared and I knew we were out of the smoke. Then it got cold and snow flew up from where Ben's feet flicked it. Then it got hot and cactus poked me a few times. Then it turned into the familiar chilly night air of the Oregon coastal region.  

That was when it hit. Something clicked and it all rushed into me. The images of their lifeless bodies falling to the ground at the wrath of my vicious hands. The image of Fairy held captive to the power of vampire venom and me not particularly caring. The video stream of Jackie's life and how it had hurt to know I was killing that little girl. Taylor falling victim to my dagger. Aliyyah limp in the dirt.  

Who was I and what had I done? 

I was a sick demented person who deserved to die. No, dying would be too rewarding. I needed to spend eternity suffering. Pain and agony and knowing. I was a monster and I was going to deal with it for the rest of forever.  

Of course in a week what I was wouldn't matter, soulless as I would be, but until then I would suffer. And I would know it was right.  

All of a sudden I was lying across Ben's couch and he was no where. Off in the distance I heard the sound of water running but I didn't bother paying attention to it. It didn't matter. I was a murderer. A filthy, dirty murderer. Aliyyah's words, "Ink xdb ntk!" I kill you. At the time that was a problem, being killed. Now, it seemed nice.  

Ben's arms were around me and he was pouring water into my mouth. I swallowed it only because he didn't stop pouring and I didn't want to ruin his couch. Then he was carrying me away. A bright light blinded me and I closed my eyes.  

No, you murderer, open them. Suffer. 

I did. It hurt badly. I tilted my head so I was staring right at it. Ben, however, didn't approve of that. His big hand pushed my head down and his other began taking out my hair. I ignored him and concentrated on the horrific images sending myself into mental screaming fits. I wondered when I would break and scream aloud.  

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