Vampire and Slayer-(1 Slayer-to-Be)

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This book has four parts and at the beginning of each part I will have a short description, as you have already seen. Feel free to skip it. It's like the back of the book type of thing. I have to apologize for this chapter. It's a little slow and distant, but that's because it's an overview. Hang in there until the second chapter. You won't regret it!


(Btw, I made a bit of playlist for this book; the link to it is the "Open External Link" Section)

Each chapter has its own song. This chapter's is Who Let The Dogs Out by Baha Men.

Also, the picture is Aerie.


Part 1

Chapter 1


The red eyes stared at me with thirst and determination. They quavered and shook. The small beady black dots that were his pupils searched my body, looking for some weapon other than the crosses I wore on my hair tie and the stake in my fist. He laughed a wicked low organ key like laugh. Was it ugly? Not in the least. In fact, it was seductive and attractive. But, gathering all my training, I resisted its pull.

"You want me," he accused in that voice. That voice that made a mere echo out of his laugh. God how I wanted it. His lips pulled back over his teeth at my obvious distraction. Perfect white light-reflecting teeth not unlike his veins, which were mirrors like in the sun, showing me my fear.

"Yes," I answered truthfully. Keeping my voice was hard but I was skilled. The best. I could do it. "I want you...dead."

He barked a laugh. "Hilarious, Slayer. Truly. But be honest to yourself. You don't want me dead. No. Never dead," he put a harsh emphasis on that last word, pausing slightly to ponder his statement.

I smiled easily. "Believe what you like, Atierious," I chuckled to myself. "But I will walk away, and you will burn."

"Come and get me, Slayer."

"It would be my pleasure," the words were mocking and sincere at the same time. I knew what he said but I also knew what he would do. And he would be the one to attack. They always were.

He hesitated, like maybe he thought I wasn't serious but then took a step back, a motion so quick I could hardly see it, and dove at me. Nothing but training held me still until the very last moment, for my body screamed to run. But mere milliseconds before he made impact, I leapt to the side, letting my body swiftly transform the dive into a roundhouse landing solidly between his shoulder blades. His feet barely made contact with the ground before he was flipping around, desperately grabbing at me. My dagger was already in my free hand, the one that wasn't holding a stake. It slid between his watch band and wrist, like it was meant to be there, hooking him. The metal chain snapped and the blade bit into his skin.

He growled at that and swung a arn out for my head. My knees bent in a duck and my hand grabbed at his wrist, the dagger resheathed in my belt. He struggled against me but I was winning. I shouldn't have won; I wasn't stronger than him by any means, but the sun was melting his veins, making him weak, and I was wrapping the chain of my eleven inch cross around his wrists, like sadistic shackles. His flesh flamed and melted away where it touched the religious emblem.

He kicked at me and screamed violently. I rolled my eyes and shoved my elbow into his chest. "Quiet," I snapped as he stumbled backwards and slammed into a wall.

Angrily, he threw himself at me, grunting like an animal. My stake was out and he proceeded, idiotically, to run right into it.

Wailing. Horrible crying piercing into unforgotten wounds of my childhood. Wounds from my early days of slayerhood. It brought back that awful feeling of fear as I woke up screaming, the horrible image of vampires plaguing my dreams, night after night. That was prior to discovering I was a slayer, when the extent to my knowledge of the mythical blood sucking monsters was but obsession.

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