Vampire and Slayer-(25 Prolonging The Inevitable)

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(this isnt the last chapter though. ITs the second to last.)

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Chapter 26 

Prolonging The Inevitable 

I got more paranoid as the days passed. More often than not I was vomiting, although I have no idea what I was throwing up. I hadn't eaten anything really in almost two weeks. And when I wasn't vomiting I was seeing things.  

I'm supposed to be enjoying these final days with my mom! I snapped to myself.  

But I wasn't. I was going insane.  

Having the Bloodworths pay a visit had awaken that paranoia in me. Or maybe it was stress from having to abandon my mother again. Or maybe it was the fact that I was becoming a vampire finally hitting me. 

The walls were moving and I heard voices in my head. Voices telling me I was a monster. Voices whispering, "kill....kill....kill..." 

The air was constantly heavy and often I had trouble breathing. I lay awake in bed every night and coughed almost constantly. My mother gave me an old inhaler of hers but it didn't seem to help. Nothing did. 

Every night Ben stayed with me. He held me while I coughed and rubbed my back. He whispered encouraging words in my ears trying to distract me from my craziness but it was still there. I felt like a child terrified over the monsters in my closet. I felt pathetic.  

I didn't make a show of packing my stuff. I did it quietly while my mother was with her friends and kept the bag stowed in the closet. Ben came by on Sunday afternoon while my mother was away to load the car. His stuff was already inside. A suitcase of his clothes, an enormous box of CD's, record, and cassettes, his books, and a box of odds and ends that included his camera, his photos, and that little wooden box.  

He heaved my clothes bag in next to his, my own box of CD's and books, which, by the way, was miniscule next to his collection, and a duffle bag of my slayer stuff. I wouldn't need anything in it now, and a would most likely cause me pain to touch in the future, but they held a sort of nostalgia for me. In fact, until I met Ben, they were everything to me. 

"Aerie," he moaned.  

"Save it, Ben. I got this," I limped to the trunk's edge and plopped down on it.  

"No. You don't 'got' this," he mocked my voice on 'got'. "You're falling apart Aerie. Do you realize every night I've slept with you so far you've cried in your sleep for hours? You wake up every morning as tired as you were before you went to sleep and I'm about the same to because there's no way I can sleep knowing your crying. Now don't go and try to tell I should sleep in my own bed then because it would be no different. If I know you're crying I can't just shut my eyes and pretend everything's okay. You seem to think that you don't matter all that much to me. That I can just ignore your pain. How could I say I loved you if that was true?"  

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