Vampire and Slayer-(9 Slayer Weakness)

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Okay. Well first off, this song really lets you know what the chapter's all about from the get go. Its just like, Bam! (thats for you Kenzie) This is definately one of my favorite chapters. its the start of a long and serious relationship and it really conveys what having two conflicting sides of youself can do to your sanity and the lengths you will go to save/kill some one you love/hate. Enjoy.

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Song: Assassin by Muse

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Chapter 9

Slayer Weakness

I woke with the dire need to kill. I started screaming at myself out loud as I watched my hands pull black boots onto my feet, and shove a stake into my purse.

At first my screams were just shrieks no verbal communication intended. But as I crossed the floor of my room they transformed into shouts of, "STOP!", "NO!", "I CAN'T!", "I MUST!", "I LOVE HIM!", "HE BETRAYED ME!", "HE CAN'T HELP WHAT HE IS!". Along with the audible conversation between my conflicting instincts, there was the also the one going on inside of my mind. This one was more in-depth and legible.

*What am I doing? I can't do this. I can't.* The half of me that was screaming and causing me to break a heavy sweat and grip the banister; my knuckles going white and just about splitting.

*But he is a vampire! I can't let him live. I have to kill him and that coven in woods. I can't keep trying to avoid them. It is against the law.* This other half of me, the half of me that was pulling my feet down the stairs, taking my body with them and nearly ripping my arms off in the process, fought back.

*Slayer law!* I tried to rationalize with myself.

*And I'm a slayer!*

*I am also human, and Ben is alive! It is against human law to kill him!* Why couldn't I just go back to bed and snap the stake in half?

I was down the stairs with bloody hands at that point. My head was pounding from the two halves of me battling endlessly.

My rational half got control of my body for one moment but one moment was all I needed. I thrust one pointed heel into the other knee and went falling to the floor cracking my head on the granite tile. A gasp was followed by a screech and a sound of frustration.

My right arm hurt, I couldn't move my shoulder without screaming again, and blood was clumping in my hair and gushing down my neck, but I was on my feet again in a flash stumbling to the door. Of course my knee would have a huge bruise and my ankle was probably twisted, or sprained, but those injuries were the least painful.

When I neared the door, one hand flew to the knob while the other to the frying pan on the stove top.

"DO IT AND I HIT!" I threatened myself.

I could feel the enormous black bruise pulsating on the top of my head and my ears ringing with the echo of metal clabbering bone as I just about crawled to my motorcycle.

I knew where I was going. I knew where Ben would be. He would be asleep in his bed, in his house, on his side of town, the territory he had voluntarily decided to guard.

There would be no one there to hear. His parents were on the east coast, trying to think of some way to force Ben into his transformation sooner. He lived in a remote area (remote even for Alsea). The closest house to his was five miles away. No one would ever know.

Not until he wasn't present at school, then everyone would know, but I didn't bother to think of that at the time.

A stake would not kill him like it did other vampires, but it would work. It would penetrate his skin if it was thrust hard enough. I could manage to sink it into his heart, bruising it enough to wake him up and allow him to watch me choke the rest of the life out of him.

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