Vampire and Slayer-(15 Happy Birthday To Me)

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this is pretty much me on my birthday. The acting not the playout. Lol.

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Song: Everything I Do (I Do It For You) by Bryan Adams

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AERIES BIKE. Her Old one I guess.Still awesome though ------------------------>


Chapter 15

Happy Birthday To Me

Horrid yet faint dreams of vampires and Ben burdened my night, but I woke silently, in the early hours of the day. Sleep was going to evade me, so I rose. It wasn't until I was dressed and putting on my armor that I realized what day it was. It was my birthday.

Well yippee, I cheered to myself in a voice that was pathetic for my mind even. A whole seventeen years old. What am I going to do? Wrinkles so soon...

I continued like it was just another day, praying my mother would forget the date as easily as I had.

My prayers were not answered.

"Happy Birthday, Aerie!" she shouted when I walked into the kitchen in the ribbon tying leather pants I had worn the day I met Ben and the top that had been out-rated. My hair I had left down and put a ribbon-covered head band in. I felt a little on the slouchy side, but I would do.

"Yay," I called in my most bored voice possible.

She frowned then pulled the cake out of the stove. "I figured you would want to do something with your friends today so I want to celebrate now. It is dark chocolate, with chocolate filling, chocolate frosting, chocolate sprinkles, and chocolate chunks. You seem to like red too, so I added the cherries," she grinned at the beautiful cake. It was beautiful; however, it was fat on a platter. But I couldn't crush her attempts, so I played along.

"It's beautiful! Would it be bad for the learning experience if I had cake for breakfast?" I put a little perk in my tone.

"You do well enough even if it is, your grades will survive. Eat!" she scurried out of the room after setting the slice in front of me. Before she could get back I cut it in two and dumped half on another plate for her. When I heard her return I took a bite.

"This is delicious!" I exclaimed truthfully, but with more enthusiasm than necessary.

"I'm glad you like it. Here's your present," she handed me a package.

I stifled a grumbled and smiled. After opening it, I was more or less very surprised. Inside of the big box was a key. I knew the type of key well, it was a motorcycle key.

My mother knew that my bike was broken, but instead of completely totaled in an attempt to kill my boyfriend, the story she believed was that the engine had blown and I tried to have it fixed in Eugene after my movie, but the repair man said it was hopeless and a friend had to pick me up for school.

Looking down at the keys I burned with embarrassment, shock, guilt, and gratitude. I was embarrassed that my mother would think to buy me something so expensive, shocked that it didn't have four walls and a roof, guilty because I had lied about the death of my last motorcycle, and grateful because I was getting tired of driving her Ford Fusion.

"Mom, you didn't," I said in a morbid tone.

"Ahh, but I did! I knew you would never expect this so it was the perfect thing to get. Try to not blow this engine though," she added warningly.

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