Vampire and Slayer-(22 And The War Commences)

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And here's 22. I either hate it or you love it. Probably hate it. there IS SOMMMMEEE good....:) sorta

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Chapter 22

And The War Commences

"They are here," Ben's voice, clear and distinct, even over all of the commotion. My head snapped in the direction he was pointing, and every voice hushed. We all knew what would happen now. We would fight and we would die.

Not necessarily all of us, but a large portion. I wondered idly who would lose this war. The War of a Lover's Leap. Hmm. Mr. Bloodworth's name was disturbing but somewhat accurate.

I watched the area where Ben had said they were and waited until they appeared. At first they were just a dark blob on the horizon, but as they advanced, I could see individual shapes, colors, and faces. There were at least a hundred there. And we had less. Easily.

Ben leaned over and kissed me. From the edge in his lips, I knew he was doubtful as to our lives' lengths. Maybe he was banking on us dying and that was why he had given in to his father's request without a huge fight. So hopeful of him.

After he backed away I concentrated on putting the whole of my focus on the army of slayers coming closer. They stopped about sixty yards away, and I could sense that Taylor wanted to have a meeting, it was something I could feel. After taking a deep breath and kissing Ben again, I began walking towards the enemy.

It hurt to call them the enemy, but that's what they were, sadly. Someone was following me but it didn't take me a backwards glance to know who it was so I didn't bother. When they saw me approaching them I sensed a wave of emotion rush over the entire army. I held my hands high to show that I meant no harm. Taylor nodded to Fairy and they walked to meet us.

We met a little over half way and the tension in both armies was raging, well, the slayer portion of mine anyways. Fairy's face held sadness and confusion while Taylor's portrayed hatred and firmness. She wasn't going to change her mind, no matter what. Fairy, perhaps, however.

"Ariel. Vampire," Taylor greeted us; her voice was layered with disgust and mocking conformity.

"Taylor, Fairy, this is Ben," I tried to stress his name, but it was hard to act so hating towards my friends.

"I see you turned your back on who you are and are working with the human killing ones now?" she sneered.

"Only to keep you from killing the man I love."

"I see no men here."

"I've heard that a heart beat entitles someone to manhood," I retorted and pressed my palm against Ben's heart. "Ahhh, the sweet thump thump of life."

"Interesting," Taylor seemed a little detested by my casual touch towards Ben. It was getting easier to be mean, so I swept my hand down his cheek and across his collar bone. I glanced at Fairy's face. She seemed mortified until she noticed me watching her, then composed her face into hatred. Regardless of the outer surface, she was still heavy in the moat of indecision, loss, and shock. It was nice to have such a strange intuitive power.

Fear and anxiety swept over the crowd of slayers I was facing. My group, however, was used to vampires touching slayers and vice versa. They did a have a little practice though.

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