Vampire and Slayer-(16 I'm Not Leaving You)

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annnnnnddddddd(drum roll please!) this is the final chapter of part 2! Wahhoooo!


okayz. well. this is a chapter thats supposed to bring you back to earth. All hte other chatpers take up into fantasy land and this ones supposed make you realize your mortal fears, problems, and dangers. what ya think?

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Okay, and i know the picture is a repeat of the cover, but the scene on the cover comes from this chapter.


Chapter 16

I'm Not Leaving You

My mother has a good memory.

When I woke in the morning I was miserable, but happy. I put on my good face and ran to clean the bathroom. I didn't get dressed; the sweats and guys' long-sleeve sports shirt would do for what I had planned today. I skipped downstairs, not wanting to startle my mom with my new hair cut.

However, it didn't work. She shrieked, "What did you do to your hair?"

"I cut it," I said defensively.

"I can see that. But why?" she dropped her jaw and stared at it.

"I got tired of it making me sweaty and since it was my birthday I thought it would be a good time for change," I realized that was the wrong thing to say after I said it. My mother turned sheet white and closed her mouth.

After gulping back down whatever she had begun to upchuck, she said, "You're leaving? Aren't you?"

"Heavens, no!" I said.

"Yes you are. You are seeming sad lately and now this! There is always a clean-up right before! You tried to find fitting clothes last time!"

"NO! No I'm not!" where was she getting these ideas?

"Yes you are! Go...glue it back on!"

"Glue it back on?" I asked incredulously.

"Or something..." she trailed off looking terrified and embarrassed for the stupid suggestion.

"I'll let it grow back! I just and getting tired of helmet hair and sweaty necks. I'm not leaving, I just wanted change!" That was the worst thing I could have done next to actually leaving her.

"You can't go!" My mother ordered strongly. Her voice shook, but it had a parental edge.

I looked into her eyes and studied her expression carefully. I saw fear and sadness. It was actual fear in her eyes. She honestly thought I was leaving her.

"Mom. I love you. I made a terrible mistake last time and I'm really sorry about it. I can try to make up for it, but it is easier to just prove to you I'm happy as your daughter. I love you. I missed you. Aunt Becky's is nothing in comparison to here. I love you. I'm staying," I tried to sound honest and preachy, but I knew that if it came down to it and her life was threatened by who I am, I would leave. I would leave in an instant. But I had to believe that I was strong enough to keep her safe for now.

For now.

The truthfulness of the words scared me. I knew it was only for now. I knew that soon enough I would leave her. If only for college or to take my troubles away from her. Either way, I would leave her.

She shook her head. "You will. You will leave me in time. You have to. You are seventeen. You become a senior in a week. Summer is in a week. That's the perfect chance for you to take an early leave."

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